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8 Ways to Increase Your Training Intensity
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Did you know? You'll lose more weight by combining strength training with a low carb diet and cardiovascular exercise than with diet and cardio exercise alone. Weight training will speed up your metabolism.
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8 Ways to Increase Your Training Intensity

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It really doesn't matter how you train or where you train, one thing should always remain consistent: intensity. Unless you’re training at a high intensity level, optimum muscular development cannot and will not be accomplished. Keep in mind there’s a fine line between maximum intensity and overtraining. Since training consistently at a high level can eventually lead to a state of overtraining, be sure that you're getting adequate rest and good nutrition.

The whole point of training is to push as much blood into your muscles as humanly possible “The Pump”. The pump is it. Here’s how pro bodybuilders described it:

“The pump is the bodybuilder’s holy grail. It’s that full, engorged, satisfying feeling. There’s nothing like it in the world. If you do a set of curls and you get a pump, your biceps will be full of blood. All the nutrients that were in the blood, are now in that muscle. You’ve just fed them. You want to maximize and maintain this pump throughout your workout. If you lose the pump, you lose the entire workout. Since you don’t want to go into this unwanted territory, you must listen to your body. Say you’ve planned to do twelve sets on the bench. But maybe on your ninth set, you get this enormous, freakish pump. Forget the last three sets. Leave it alone. Go on to the next exercise. It takes a lot of practice and patience. Beginners don’t know what they’re looking for, that feeling; they don’t know how to link their mind to their muscle. It takes time to develop this awareness. But once you do, you’ll see results faster than you ever dreamed possible.”


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