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Casey Viator 19 Year Old Mr. America

Casey Viator 19 Year Old Mr. America

For years I had been training my delts with the prescribed sets and reps of the ordinary deltoid routine. You know 3-4 set of all lateral at about 10-12 reps per set with presses either at the beginning to maximize power or at the end to maximize form. I had gotten good progress from this training for allot of years but lately my delts had not grown bigger in years. As a life long natural bodybuilder drugs were out of the question so I needed something to jump start my delts like they grew when I first started training 20 years ago.

So i started doing a little research into the bodybuilders of the 70s, 60s and even later to see what they did to put mass onto their delts during training. First guy I found was Casey Viator who won the AAU Mr. America( now NPC Nationals ) in 1970 at the age of 19. The guy had big shoulders and they were big front to back. He did high reps for all his laterals with reps going to 25 reps per set. Then I discovered Freddy Ortiz who had some of the best arms of the day in the mid 60s, but he also had really big round Deltoids. He also did high reps on all his exercises including presses. The guy doesn't count reps on his exercises. Finally I found Steve Reeves, the guy with 24.5 inch shoulders who like Ortiz did lots of reps and even more exercises. All 3 these guys had good delt development and didn't stop at 12 reps & did allot exercises fro delts.

Freddy Ortiz in 1960's Product Advertisement

With my new found knowledge I went to the gym determined to start my new deltoid routine. Now i was very used to getting out a set of 12 reps on lateral raise, but quickly found out the 25-30 reps is a completely different animal all together. That shit was the toughest set of side lateral i had ever done. I was sweating like I just gotten done with cardio and it was just my first set of my first exercise. This was the HARDEST shoulder workout me and my training partner had ever gone through. Dude our shoulder were pumped to the max and we were drenched in sweat. I was convinced that we had discovered real training again after 20 years of just going through the motions. We got our shit together had a EAA drink and went to our favorite restaurant down the road for some chicken, rice & veggies!


That was the routine we follow on that day and it was f-ing brutal to get through. The weights may not look heavy but if your training hard and going 90 seconds or less between sets the shit is hard as hell to get through. We have been using a form a form of this workout fro the last 2 months and our shoulder have improved a hell of allot. Remember that your natural so complete this routine once per week, don't go following the drug clowns, BECAUSE OUR SIZE AND STRENGTH LAST A LIFE TIME!

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