's Workout Log

Training Routine # 6 - Monday - Chest/Biceps

DATE _______________       TIME _______________

Instructions: In the white spaces below, fill in the weight you used and the number of reps you performed. If you did 100 pounds for 10 reps, you would write "100 X 10". The gray boxes below are not used.

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Bench Presses - warm-up      
Bench Presses      
Incline Dumbbell Bench Presses      
Incline Flyes      
Barbell Curls      
Dumbbell Curls      
Concentration Curls      

Weight: ____________

Mood When Starting: __________________________

Cardio Today? Circle One:   YES       NO     Length: ________________

Length Of Workout ______________________


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