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Brandon Curry - 2022 Arnold Classic Champion

2022 Arnold Classic Contest Report

Brandon Curry 1st simply out muscled the competition to win his first Arnold classic Ohio. We heard that after pre-judging that Brandon Curry was leading, but we also head that William Bonac was a close second. Curry & Bonac pretty much were the competition with each coming in in very good condition. Neither was at Olympia level but both looked very good a prejudging were the contest is either won or lost. As the day progressed Bonacn seemed to shed a little of the water he was holding and became little better but it was not enough to grab the lead form Curry who took the lead and never looked back. He did gain a little water at the finals but it was not enough to loose the lead he had already built coming in. William Bonac 2nd looked great condition wise but just got out muscled by a competitor of equal size with a better shoulder to waist deferential, and thats what bodybuilding is all about if we break it down to its bare essentials - MUSCLE & SHAPE!

Steve Kuclo grabbed the 3rd position with a very strong physique that was not as dry and hard as he's ever been with very good size. Dauda Samson, who finished 4th had good shape and size but his conditioning seemed to be slightly off his best. Rounding out the top six were Justin Rodriguez and Brett Wilkin both finishing 5th and 6th respectively.

Was good contest overall considering all the guys that had to pull out due to illness and other reasons. Old guard still around with some new comers looking really good, need to get everybody here in 2023 to see if the new comers will stand up or fall flat!

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Final Pacing

2022 Arnold Classic Open Bodybuilding Final Placings Scorecard

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