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2022 IFBB Olympia Weekend

2022 IFBB Olympia Weekend
Bodybuilding Report

2022 Mr Olympia Report.......

2022 IFBB Mr. Olympia Open Bodybuilding Champion - Hadi Choopan

The 2022 Mr. Olympia had all the pomp and circumstance to go along with a big time boxing match. I am not saying this was Haglar and Sugar Ray, but it was pretty damn good as far as bodybuilding contest go. Everything you read for the 12 months leading up to the show had centered around 3 individuals: Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay - Reining Champ, Nicholas Walker - 5th place and media beast, and 2019 champ Brandon Curry lurking in the under brush ready to pounce. No one was talking about the Wolf of bodybuilding () as the winner but US. To capture this show one of these guys would have to set himself apart from the other three. As they say in Hollywood - "On with the Show!".

From the first look in pre-judging the wolf of bodybuilding Hadi Choopan had done what the others could not. He presented a package that put him one clear step above the rest of the pack. He wasn't the biggest man in the show but standing by himself on stage he seemed to fill the stage with his presence. His muscles seemed to be so full that they stretched his skin as if they were going to pop through. His deltoids and improved back width and thickness, gave balance to his new an much improved lower body. His torso wasn't over shadowed by his arms anymore. His legs from my perspective were very improved from past years. His quads not had sweep and frontal separation. His calves had a diamond shape to them from the front and back. Hamstrings a problem area were improved to the point they match their frontal partners. I will guarantee you that his improvement in his lower body is what catapulted his physique into that of a Mr. Olympia winner circle.

In 2nd place was the previous years 212 champion Derek Lunsford having moved up into the open because well he can't make weight anymore. Lunsford looked very good for any show but the Mr. Olympia. This show has a way of wearing out the very best of champions. Lunsford was very large and round, he had made improvements in his back, shoulders and chest. The only small weakness observed was that his legs looked to be slightly off from the previous year. This could be do to the new weight gained during the year as new muscle needs a level of hardness before it sticks. His legs though fuller then in the past year also looked flat compared to the upper body. Also probably from the move up in weight. In the end the judges kind of saw it as we did with Derek getting straight 2nd's on all score cards. Being a man of good character Derek congratulated Hadi on his win and we know he's probably thinking about how he's going to plot his revenge and take the title in 2023.

3rd place belong to a well deserved Nicholas Walker. Nicholas Walker looked great big full, cut, and with considerable improvement in shape. This was some sweet and sour vindication from the year before where he placed a very disappointing 5th place. He has finally found himself in this show. At the 2021 show his physique was much improved over the 2020 version, but 2022 was his coming out party in our opinion. He had fullness, cuts and roundness to all his muscles and a improved waist to shoulder taper. Some folks in the back wanted to see more of him and Lunsford posed against each other, we wanted to see that also but it wasn't to be. He shape and conditioning were very good and it will be a very interesting show in 2023 - Indeed.

An ever improving Brandon Curry placed 4th with more size and separation that had been missing from previous contest but his cuts and separation suffered a little. His muscle fullness was also improved. If he combines this with his added size he will again be right in the mix for the title. 5th went to 2021 Mr. Olympia Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay who seems to have found his way back from the abyss. His conditioning very flat at the contest beginning but continued to improve during the show, but the Olympia is a show that has zero mercy for anyone being off. A very impressive new comer to the Olympia in Samson Dauda landed in 6th place. Rounding out the top 10 were Hunter Labrada in 7th place, new comer Chinedu Andrew Obiekea in his first Olympia placing in 8th, with veteran William Bonac in 9th and Rafael Brandao rounding out the and 10th spots, respectively.

This was a very good show and with these final placings next years show is shaping up to be just as interesting as this one was tonight. The show itself needs allot of improvements as we were up till 2:AM getting these results as the contest didn't end till about 1:AM! The contestants looked dead tired & exhausted. Organization improvement needed all the way round!

Live Strong and Train Hard….

2022 Ms Olympia Report.......

2022 IFBB Ms Olympia Womens Bodybuilding Champion - Andrea Shaw

In 1st place, although down from last years conditioning Andrea Shaw still had enough of the intangibles to capture her second consecutive Ms Olympia title among some of the best competition in the world. She displayed very good muscle separation even with a less dryness as displayed in 2021 but with more fullness. Her calves, quads hamstrings, back and shoulders are still the class of women bodybuilding. Congratulations to Ms. Shaw on her second Olympia victory.

In 2nd place was Angela Yeo, who if not for the ever present Shaw would be your new Ms. Olympia winner. She was in great shape and displayed excellent overall conditioning. She was the most conditioned athlete of the whole show. With more added size overall she will be more competitive to capturing that top spot. In 3rd place was Helle Trevino, 2021 runner-up. This year she arrived in excellent shape and displayed good separation and muscle shape. With more added leg sweep and back thickness she could be moving up to challenge possibly for second place. Rounding out the top 5 in 4th place was an impressive though off Margie Martin who was eked out of third place, with 5th place going to Branka Njegovec of Croatia. This show keeps getting better each year despite what seem to be a lack luster effort by the governing body. With more shows during the competition year so as to increase the amount of competitions has boosted the quality of the competition. These ladies deserve all the credit for keeping the sport of women bodybuilding at the front of all women fitness events.

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2022 212 Olympia Report.......

2022 IFBB 212 Olympia Bodybuilding Champion - Shaun Clarida

This years 212 was supposed to be a open fight among the top 3 competitors but we would be lying if we said that! In 1st place was the most impressive bodybuilding athlete of the entire weekend - Shaun Clarida! He was the most condition, fullest, sharpest, driest, and complete bodybuilding athlete of the entire weekend - PERIOD! Open, Classic, don't care he was above both of them - PERIOD! The show was his as soon as he hit his first pose & everybody who was there knew it in the instance. This is not a knock on the other competitors, but is just how good he was on this day at this time! Even though Shaun is not a tall man he is a big man as far as the 212 class is concerned. His small joints and waist coupled with ever expanding muscle belies he just looks larger than his fellow competitors. The real competition was for second & third place in our opinion between Angel Calderon(Spain) & Kamal El Gargni(Libya). In 2nd place was a thick and full Calderon of Spain over a slightly more symmetrical and conditioned El Gargni of Libya in 3rd. Hey we had these 2 guys flipped. In 4th was a very impressive Ahmad Ashkanani of Kuwait, who most around our group thought needs more time for refinement and would be pushing for a higher placing. Oleh Kryvyi of Ukraine came in 5th, way up from his 12th place in 2020, with a qualify physique from head to toe. Another great show, so far 2 for 2. Now on to the main show.

Train Hard or Go Home!

Final Pacing - 2022 IFBB Olympia Weekend Bodybuilding Report

Hadi Choopan - 2022 IFBB Olympia Open Bodybuilding Champion 2022 Mr Olympia Open Bodybuilding Champion
Hadi Choopan
2022 Mr Olympia Open Bodybuilding
Las Vegas Nevada, USA
Dec. 17, 2022
Place Name Country
1 Hadi Choopan Iran
2 Derek Lunsford USA
3 Nicholas Walker USA
4 Brandon Curry USA
5 Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay Egypt
6 Samson Dauda UK
7 Hunter Labrada USA
8 Chinedu Andrew Obiekea USA
9 William Bonac Netherlands
10 Rafael Brandao Brazil
11 Iain Valliere Canada
12 Michal Krizanek Slovakia
13 Patrick Johnson Denmark
14 Charles Griffen USA
15 Justin Rodriguez USA
16 Tonio Burton USA
16 James Hollingshead UK
16 Vladyslav Sukhoruchko Ukraine
16 Antoine Vaillant Canada
16 Viktor Boff Brazil
16 Andrea Presti Italy
16 Mohamed Shaaban Egypt
16 Akim Williams USA
16 Theo Leguerrier France
16 Joel Thomas USA
16 Mohammad Alnsoor Jordan
16 Blessing Awodibu Ireland
16 Andrea Muzi Italy


Andrea Shaw - 2022 IFBB Ms Olympia Bodybuilding Champion 2022 IFBB Ms Olympia Bodybuilding Champion
Andrea Shaw
2022 Ms Olympia Open Bodybuilding
Las Vegas Nevada, USA
Dec. 16, 2022
Place Name Country
1 Andrea Shaw USA
2 Angela Yeo USA
3 Helle Trevino USA
4 Margie Martin USA
5 Branka Njegovec Croatia
6 Micheala Aycock USA
7 Theresa Ivancik USA
8 Alcione Santos Barreto Brazil
9 Chelsea Dion USA
10 Michelle Jin USA
11 Mayla Ash USA
12 Mona Poursaleh Canada
13 Irene Anderson Sweden
14 Donna Salib USA
15 Leyvina Rodrigues Barros Brazil
16 Reshanna Boswell USA
16 Stephanie Flesher USA
16 Asha Hadley USA
16 Lisa Kudrey Canada
16 Eva Montgomery USA
16 Danielle Willis USA


Shaun Clarida - 2022 IFBB 212 Olympia Bodybuilding Champion 2022 212 Olympia Bodybuilding Champion
Shaun Clarida
2022 212 Olympia Bodybuilding
Las Vegas Nevada, USA
Dec. 16, 2022
Place Name Country
1 Shaun Clarida USA
2 Angel Calderon Spain
3 Kamal El Gargni Lybia
4 Ahmad Ashkanani Kuwait
5 Oleh Kryvyi Ukraine
6 Keone Pearson USA
7 Kerrith Bajjo USA
8 Felipe Moraes Brazil
9 Bryan Balzano USA
10 Dean White UK
11 Yunlong Ping China
12 Radoslav Angelov Bulgaria
13 Naser Mohammed Kuwait
14 Lucas Coelho Brazil
15 Peter Molnar Hungary
16 Abdulla Alsaif Saudi Arabia
16 Mohamed El Azim Egypt
16 Anwar Al Balushi Oman
16 Douglas Conner USA
16 Eduardo Correa Brazil
16 Ahmed Fawzi Iraq
16 Oswaldo Gonzales USA
16 Dectric Lewis USA
16 Romain Ramassamy Canada
16 Daniel Sticco Italy


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