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“Here are some of the many emails and letters we have received over the years from millions of visitors to our websites. We appreciate all the responses that we get and encourage all our visitors to email us about what supplement s and workout gear we should look to list in MuscleShop or just to tell us what you think we should improve on to make your visit more pleasant. Again thank you to all that have written us and to those who will do so in the future.”

Darryl Lipscomb
CEO DLI Digital Media


  • I wanted to drop you a thank for the help you ave me in figuring out my new supplement stack. Its working great and I have yet to hit a platque. I never heard of Jacked Factory but my stack with their products is kicking hard every workout. Can't thank you enough and I will always come here first when looking for advice and ordering my gear.
    Trey H.
  • Found the site on Friday night(10/07/15) and ordered Gear Cycle didn't believe you could get it to me here (Seattle) for the quoted shipping price as fast is you did. Don't know your secrets but could sure use you guys during the holidays coming up. I'll be back with another order soon, great work.
    Craig, Redmond WA
  • Drinks arrived today just in time for the meet, great job Dan, we'll be coming back for all future supplement deals with you. Tell Darryl I said don't change because you'll be a the top very soon.
    Later, Paul
  • Package arrived today, all items in great shape. Thank you PowerShack, we will be coming back very soon for more things.
    Thank you again.
    Stephano, Essen Germany
  • You guys do great job on order, thank you very much!
    Mr. Sunny Mohd Sultan SS
  • Just wanted to say good job and keep up the good work, the site rocks. Honest info is hard to find, don't ever change like all the rest.
  • Great prices and fast accurate service. Everything arrived in a few days, good work. I am telling everybody I found an honest site that doesn't lie to just get your money, but actually helps you find exactly what you need. Everyone should know, you guys are great. Thanks.. Dave Rhin, Wisconsin USA
  • Hey great job on a difficult order! You guys really rock. Thank You very much for helping us out when others wouldn't
    Brian, Glasgow
    United Kingdom
  • Well Done!!! I have received the pack this morning, Everything is ok.
    I'll tell about you with my friends....

    Stefano from Modena (Italy)

  • Sure glad I found your site, it was great to get my questions answered, and the help was very much appreciated. I will be back next month to order again because I know I will get the same great service.
    Kelly P., St. Paul Minn
  • Hey though I would drop a quick note to say loved the help and everything arrived on time for the contest. You guys did a great job. The site is starting to really look good. Keep up the good work.
    Paul, Santa Fe NM
  • Thought I tell you guys I was a little skeptical ordering from you at first but I am hooked. You advice about the Universal Cell Pro and BCAA Stack worked great. I'll definitely be back.
  • You Animal section rocks. You had everything I wanted on your site, a lot of the others don't carry your selection. You saved ne a lot of money and time thank PowerShack.
    Lisa N.
  • Love the fact your running your own show now. Didn't like the affiliate stuff to much. Your prices are just as good as before, and my order arrived quickly. I think I'll be coming back here to shop for now on.
    Andy S. Tulsa OK
  • Like the new Sport Fitness section, hope you get a steady writer for it so it doesn't go away. Great prices, tried the recovery stack from Scifit, worked just as you said.
  • I am your new #1 customer. You gave me and my wife great support and answered all our emails to help us decide on a supplementation plan just right for people our age. More companies need to take your lead. Thank you guys.
    Peter & Margie
  • Tried your mass stack and gained 10 pounds in one month, no visible fat. You guys are the real sh--!
  • Hey thought I would drop you guys a quick lone and tell you that I was really impressed with the way you help my son with his questions on diet and helped him put together a really good workout program for him. He's lost over 20 pounds and is really living life again. Thank you guys very much we'll be your customers for as long as your here to serve us.
  • I'm an active duty enlisted serviceman. As a result I travel quite frequently nowadays. I take my nutrition very seriously because of my work environment is based largely on my physical fitness. I placed my first order with you guys a couple of weeks ago and explained that my location may change at any time. You and your staff worked very well with getting my order to me in my new temporary location. I have much respect for you and yours and will continue shopping at your web site for these very reasons. I look forward to seeing what new stuff you add to your store and site.
    Thanks for all you've done,
    SSGT D. Wilson
  • I just wanted to let you know that you guys are going to rule the web! I've been visiting your site since 2003, and I've always enjoyed the article and tell it like it is approach. Now that I have placed my first order I staying right here, ordering is easy, and the shipment is fast and accurate. I recently tried to order from another online site (name withheld out of courtesy), and I had a mixed experience. My order was shipped from all parts of the country and split up into two parts. I was doing this just to "save" $5 on a $150 order. Needless to say, I lost way more than $5 going through that experience. Just wanted to say thanks for being a company that delivers excellent value and great service. I'll definitely be staying with you for all my future orders!
    You rule!
    Davis WA
    PS: Thanks for the free Water Bottle it worth way more than the five bucks I could have saved.
  • I can say that I am very pleased with the service that I got from Finding and ordering things on your site is very easy and fast. I like the fact that you have so much to choose from and that your continuing to grow. I was skeptical at first because I didn't have a PayPal account but, found out I didn't need one.
    The overall prices that you guys offer for their Market can't be beat, and that is why I intend to keep shopping for my supplements from
    The delivery is very prompt as well. I like the email that tells when the order was both shipped and expected to arrive. Some places take a long time, but with your UPS 3 Day or USPS Priority mail services I don't have to wait very long to receive my orders. The first time that I ordered from you I was very surprised when I found my order had arrived not long after it was placed. Thanks...
    Tony NV
  • I have bought from you two times in the last month and all both times the following has occurred:

    • I got exactly what was ordered
    • I received my ordered in record time
    • I was billed correctly for shipping cost
    • I am extremely pleased with your prices and your service. Thanks again,
    Joan TX

  • Thanks again for your quick reply because I know you receive allot of emails. I will take your advice and let you know the results. As of now, you and your team has provided nothing but outstanding suggestions for the last couple of years to which just about everything have always paid off for me. I will place my order this afternoon, we love the fact you guys have your own store.....
    James C. CA
  • Hello, I would just like to thank you for your advice on diet that you gave my son the other day. Your recommendation of a sound all round diet and being active and enjoying his teenage years was quite refreshing to hear. I was also very pleased that there were no sells pitches to get him to buy any Market. Me and my husband have sense ordered from your website and were quite pleased with the service. Again I would like to say thank you for the advice to our son and for being a company we can trust.
    Barbra CO
  • You guys are doing a great job and we here at the ranch believe your headed to be top dawg of this whole supplement store wars on the internet. We love your motto of NO Bullshit. You prices and service also rock.
  • I have previously used another site to get my supplements from, but you had a product that I couldn't find there. I was extremely happy with the product and service I received. Your prices are great! You have a converted new customer.
    Bill S. CA
  • My experiences with have been great! I have emailed you guys in the past asking supplement advice and you have always been straight forward and honest with me. I am very pleased to see that you now have a new store and I know you will only stock stuff that actually work. The strength combo that you recommended is really working well. You guys should let others know about this combo because everyone here loves this supplement package. I just glad we can now order directly from the people that put it together. Much success with everything because you guys are great. We will be placing a couple orders later today.
    Thank Guys.....
    Thomas G. NM
  • Great site. Haven't had any problems with any of my orders. You people really know your stuff. Keep up the great work.
    Thomas Paine, Seattle WA
  • Want to say I love the site and store. Fantastic job, keep going for it because I think you'll be #1 very soon. Ted F. SC
  • Hello, I just want to thank PowerShack for being so nice and helping me find the right product for my group and will definitely come back to you when I need to shop again. Thank You
    Jill Mann, Tenn.
  • Nice, the whole site just fu----- great. This is a grown up site and I really like that over the others which are just kiddy sites. You guys rule.
  • I have told everyone here to order from you because your honest and don't over charge me on shipping. I will always come here first.
    Sergio, Milan
  • Thanks for the water bottle, the thing is great. Not cheap crap like the other stuff you get online. Also thanks for shipping it to the new address where I am now stationed and not over charging on the shipping. I will be back when I need to order again.
    SGT M. Clemons ARMY
  • You guys were a life saver for my contest prep. I thank you very much and will most definitely buy here again when I need more sups
    Thanks, Edgar Wills
  • Just wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year before 2006. I am a customer for life.
    Anthony W.
  • Hell your site keeps growing so fast I can't keep up but I love the prices and my stuff always arrives in excellent condition. I have ordered from others but my stuff always looks like it been opened or there is powder all over the canister. Everything just looks a mess. You stuff comes very neat and clean. A very professional job. You are #1 with this household. We thank you very much for your help and professionalism.
    Matt Scheilds, Minn.
  • Loved the stacking advise, the stack worked excellent all lifts went way up and there has been no decline in my off period. Powershack knows it shit!
    Cliff, Tallahassee
  • Great site and I loved the articles, keep up the good work. Can't wait till the store opens up.
    Peanut, Tallahassee
  • Tell Darryl I said what up! and that I loved the service and your new quantity pricing is out of site.
    Jon Watts, Cheyenne Wyoming
  • Need more sites like this on the web, straight up!
  • Hey read about the CellPro and BCAA Stack combo, tried it and this stack really rocks. You guys know your stuff, and I believe you actually test Market, because you've been doing reviews longer than any of the others. Keep going guys, keep going!
    Customer For Life - Joesph C. Dillard
  • Drop you a quick note. Got stuff today you deliver everything in excellent shape. You guys do great job, will be back soon. Thank You. - Sui Hio Thailand
  • Glad to see you're back in business and recovering from the mishap. Tell Darryl I said keep up the good job and I'll see him at the Olympia.
    Take Care....
    Jesse Pittsburg Ca.
  • Thanks for the good service. We really appreciate the free stuff, being stationed oversea is hard but you guys really came through for me. Tell everybody I said thanks.
    SSgt Henry Padgett USAF
  • Hey a buddy told me to check out your site. I like it and you responded to my email questions pretty quickly. I'll definitely be back to order from you. - Paul Georgia
  • Thought you guys had given up on the customer service, but you helped me get exactly the Market I wanted, thanks allot and tell Ted to keep up the good work.
    Phil, Mass.
  • Love the articles, and departments. Good straight forward stuff without the run around. Didn't order this time but my buddy did and his stuff arrived quickly. I will be ordering through you guys for now on.
    David W. Charlotte NC
  • Glad to see nothing has changed much with the conversion. More to choose from with great info. Keep up the good work.
    T. Williams, Carlsbad CA
  • I live in Madrid Spain and I writing you to say thank you very much for my order. I order from you in the past with great success. I recently placed another order through you site after the conversion had started and delivery has been excellent again. I recommended you to all my friends. Thank you.
    Jacques M.
  • I wanted to thank you guys for the great service you offer. With so many nutrition and supplement ".coms" out there you all have been the best I've ordered from. Keep up the good work and you've definitely got my business.
    John T.
  • It is always a pleasure to make business with you, because you have the best price on the internet. I didn't find anything better here in Canada. Thank you.
  • I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your site. I have placed two orders with your company before the change and a couple more after, and have received them all within a couple of day ( usually two ) after ordering. Very cool!! Thank you so much.
    Mun G. Wisconsin
  • Just wanted to tell you guys thanks so much for always getting back with me so quickly. You guys were great!! I've never ordered from a place that is so quick to respond (I'm usually lucky if I get a reply at all).
    Stanley B., Georgia
  • Great job with all the changes. The site is great. Ordered five all ready through you, have had absolutely "0" problems. Class of the net!
    Bruce M. Wilson, Miami FL.
  • Sgt. Peter Williams USAF(Ret.), I would like to thank you for helping me get the right stuff for me and my wife. Your organization was first rate all the way and we would like to say Thanks.
  • All I can say is thank you, you help me and didn't try to sell me anything. Yours is a rarity among business today.
    Keith Holzman, Lakewood WI.
  • Talked to Darryl(Owner) other day for an site owner yours is the best. Told my husband how much help you gave me and he didn't believe me until he talked to some on your site himself. Now you have us both hooked and we will go no where else for our vitamins and health supplies. Thank s for all the help.
    Customer for ever Betty C.
  • I live in India and would like to say thank you for delivery of my Market. Everything arrived as ordered, and very quickly I would say. Thank You Arman
  • "I appreciate the low prices on the Cyberstore. I found your site after becoming disgusted with the RIP-OFF prices at GNC!! They are horrible, everything is "$39.99" no matter what it is! I will never shop there again. I found you guys by using the Web Ferret search engine. I did shop around a bit, but you guys had the best THAT UP! Do you ever offer monthly specials?? The delivery and confirmation emails were also very good. Other places like **EDITED** are a rip off. THANK YOU!"
    No Name Given
  • Great Site. Good Prices. Nuff Said!
    Amos D., Dallas, Texas
  • Cool Site, You have all the stuff I want at very good prices. Dude you help was really worth it as i needed to know if the stuff would work and with your advice everything worked out great. I have since ordered a couple of time from you and will always com back. You guys are the real #1 store online!
    Grant, Baltimore MD.
  • Good prices and even better site! Great job keep it up.
  • Thanks for answering my questions so quickly, I didn't have to wait like at that other site for some routine answer. Your prices are very good and I will be coming back When I reorder.
    Tammy L. Ohio
  • Went shopping around online and found your site last week and have just purchased some things and they arrived with in five days. I will come back again and will tell others about your service. Thank You very much.
    Robert Wells, Tempe Arizona
  • Great site! I like the way I got a response from my email question within one day instead of waiting for up to a week with some of these other sites. Took your advice and ordered the products recommended and I did come out saving money overall. You guys are first rate and I will continue to shop through you as long as you're online!
    TS Tacoma, WA
  • Like the whole website. Place first order yesterday and already in the mail. Will definitley be back for my next order!
    Sau M.
  • I really like your site and have always enjoyed coming here to see what new things you have for sale. Your reviews have never steered me wrong yet. Keep up the good work and please stay online because we all need some honest answers. Thanks again.
    Paul Young, Kansas
  • Very good site you guys should advertise more so more people can find your web pages. Good site and you shipped my order the same day I placed it. Thanks
  • I just want to say thank you for you help with my questions regarding my sons supplements. I appreciate your assistance in helping me make the right decisions because of his scholarship. Thank You
    Tracy Williams
  • Thank you very much for help with products. I will tell my freinds about how you help customer make good choices. Bye.
    Tut Zian



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