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Versatile Antioxidant!

"DID You Know"
The most active & versatile form of the powerful antioxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid!


What is R-ALA?

R-ALA is the purest form of Alpha-Lipoic Acid available. R-ALA's health benefits are almost limitless, with glucose disposal, strong anti-oxidant properties, and anti-aging benefits being only but a few.

R-ALA increases your muscles uptake of glycogen. This increases muscle cell volume and contributes to that full pumped feeling when you workout.

This is a very desirable effect as the increase in muscle glycogen also increases other important nutrient transport that contributes to cell volume and muscle growth.

R-ALA will help enhance the efficiency of many different supplements. One in particular is Creatine. R-ALA will help enhance the absorption of creatine into the muscle cell by providing a transport vehicle by it's unique ability to mimic insulin. As we said in an earlier answer, you must use R-ALA in a capsule form and not in a pre-mixed powder.

Functional Benifits

  1. Mimics Insulin
  2. Powerful Antioxidant
  3. Enhances Glucose Utilization
  4. Enhance Amino Acid Transport
  5. Lowers Blood Sugar
  6. Increases Creatine Uptake
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