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Garden Of Life Perfect Weight Book

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Garden Of Life

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Perfect Weight Book
Balance Life and Weight!
Garden Of Life Perfect Weight Book


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Size: 345 Pages
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A Brand New Approach To Weight Management!


The author of the New York Times best seller The Maker's Diet is back with an approach to weight management that addresses the whole person: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. As our obesity statistics reach epidemic rates, Americans want information that will help them stay healthy and look and feel great. Jordan Rubin presents the answer in this holistic approach that will help his readers:

  • Eat for their body type, age, gender, and region
  • Maximize nutrients while reducing calories
  • Eliminate toxins inside and outside the body
  • Learn simple steps to live a green lifestyle

Change Your DIET

  • Eat for your "perfect weight," what you want to be, not your current weight.
  • Eat for your individual body type, age, gender, and region.
  • Maximizing nutrient intake while reducing calories to ensure healthy weight loss.
  • Eat and cleanse with the seasons.

Change Your LIFE

  • Exercise program that you can live with.
  • Learn about the supplements you can live without and those you can't.
  • Eliminate toxins inside and outside of your body.
  • Reduce stress and get more rest in order to achieve weight loss and overall health goals.
  • Focus on mental and emotional balance for total body, mind, and spirit wellness.

Change Your WORLD

  • Learn simple steps you can take to live a "green lifestyle."
  • Take weight off the planet, as well as off your body.
  • Incorporate habits that promote sustainability for your health and the health of the planet.


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