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Promix Nutrition BCAA

Crystalized free form Aminos!

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Promix Nutrition BCAA

Product Info.

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Serving Size: 1 Scoop(7g)
Size: 300 Grams
Servings - 43

Amount Per Serving
Calories 5
Totsl Carbohydrates 1g
Instantized Micronized L-Leucine 2.5g
Instantized Micronized L-Isoleucine 1.25g
Instantized Micronized L-Valine 1.25g
Yitamin C 67%

Other Ingredients:
Crystalyzed Lime Juice, NON-GMO-Cane Sugar, Whole Leaf Stevia Extract, Natural Cherry Flavor, Beet and Grape Juice(for color).

Free of: Gluten, Soy

Recommended Use:
For optimal training results, consume PROMIX BCAA during training and between meals. Vary the amount of liquid based on your training demands (8oz-20oz). PROMIX BCAA can be combined with an intra-workout corbohydrate beverage(PROMIX INTR-WORKOUT).


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Promix Nutrition BCAA - 100% natural crystalized free-form branch chained amino acids formula for quick uptake for improved muscle workout energy and recovery that provides all of the branched chain amino acids your body needs to stimulate protein synthesis and decrease muscular breakdown, soreness, and fatigue!

Functional Benifits

Functional Benifits

Stimulate protein synthesis and decrease muscular breakdown!

Great tasting BCAA drink that mixes instantly and provides your body with the nutrient to build muscle, stop muscle catabolism, and improve workout recovery.

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Product Catagory:
Best Amino Acids Products

Product FAQ:
Branch Chain Amino Acids

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Promix Nutrition BCAA

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