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Building Mighty Forearms
Building Mighty Forearms

Building massive forearms with a grip of steel!
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Powerlifting: Building Mighty Forearms

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“Like the calves, the forearms get a lot of work in daily activity, especially those involving gripping and lifting.”

Your forearms could be the weak link in your chain of physical power. Many lifters have lost championships because they couldn't hang onto the bar. Most feats of strength depend largely on gripping power. In bodybuilding, the often neglected forearms could be the edge in winning that next championship.

Like the calves, the forearms get a lot of work in daily activity, especially those involving gripping and lifting. They are, therefore, highly resistant to normal exercise and require more in-tense work than other muscle groups. Fortunately, it is easy to maintain these muscles with regular bicep work. It is not necessary to include specialization in all your routines. Two out of three of your routines throughout the year should include specific forearm bombing.

Forearm development is a result of gripping exercises; opening and closing of the hand, as well as curling the hand inward at the wrist and outward. Popular exercises include wrist rollers, squeezing a rubber ball or gripping devices. Reverse grip curls are often classified as a forearm exercise since it works the brachioradialis. It is primarily a biceps and brachialis exercise.

The following is a simple six set forearm routine that I've been using. It's increased my forearm development noticeably, and increased my gripping power. This routine is a must for all lifters and athletes, as well as bodybuilders.

The first exercise is Extended Wrist Curls. It works primarily the thick flexor muscles, including the carpi radialis and carpi ulnaris. This is the grip builder. It can be done with a barbell, but I've found the best resistance from using a floor pulley and a bar attachment with a revolving sleeve.

Sit on a low stool with your forearms resting an your thighs; hands over the knees, palms up. Lower the bar all the way to your finger tips. Next, pull the bar up by closing your hands, then proceed to curl your knuckles upward as far as possible. Lower slowly to your finger tips again. Use a weight that you can do 15-20 reps with. When no more reps can be performed, continue to extend and clench your fingers for as many reps as possible. Like with call work, you will experience an intense burn in the muscles, but continue on until no more reps can be performed. Remember, maximum intensity is vital if results are to be achieved.

Alternate this with the following exercise: Using a lighter weight, resume the same position on the stool; forearms resting on the thighs, but this time with your palms down. Keep your hands clenching the bar tightly, especially to create an isometric with your thumbs. Start with knuckles down and curl them up for 15-20 reps. This will blast the radialis muscles of the outer forearm. Alternate these two exercises for three super-sets starting with the heaviest weight and going lighter with each set as to keep your repetitions high. If you are willing to apply maximum effort, these tough muscles will respond immediately!

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