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Using Good Mormings to Improve Your Deadlift Using Good Mormings to Improve Your Deadlift!
Using Heavy Good Mornings to Improve Your Strength!
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Using Good Mormings to improve your deadlift!

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Good Mornings are a great exercise to help stengthen tha back and improve the deadlift!

Last updated on October 08, 2019

If tell some one that your doing Goog Mornings today with your back workout more than likely he/she won't have a clue as to what your talking about. Thats the worl of stregth training we live in today. I have even heard some say reverse hypers or hyper extensions are a better exercise. Better exercise NO! Safer exercise YES! Good morning will put more muscle on your lower back and errector faster than either of the two forementioned exercise combined. They also streghthen and increase the range of motion in your hip and glutes like no other exercise. I wiil admit the exercise is not for everyone, but the good morning should be given a good through look before just dissmissing the exercise altogether. The good morning belongs in the repertoire of all great lifters, powerlifters and throwers.

The Good Morning Exercise - How it should be performed.

Good mornings are very popular among Eastern European lifters, throwers, wrestlers and strongmen but it's hard to find anyone American gyms performing hte movement. It is nothing less than essential for the aspiring Olympic lifter. Powerlifters find the good morning not only improves their deadlift, it helps provide the back with a wider, stronger support for squatting. Even one's bench press can be benefited. We're here to talk aboput how to incorporate this lift into your routine to improve your deadlift.

Most people baby themselves when first attempting the good morning, using some pidlly ass weight for 8-10 reps. Why are you wasting time and energy? Providing you've past puberty and train somewhere with at least the bare necessities, start by loading the Olympic bar with two 45's(one on each side - Duh!) and good morning off the squat rack (as in the (photos.) Stretch before your first set; If you have a Roman hyper extension, use It "back to the ceiling" fashion. If you really feel like burning your lower back, superset good mornings with high rep deadlifts... you simply cannot do anything more for the erectus spinae and thoracolumbar fascial. Not to mention glutes and hamstrings.

Incorporating good mornings into your training schedule can be complicated for others and not for some. the directness of the exercise may cause some to feel my soreness than others which means the volume and frequency should be looked at and adjusted until ther is just muscle soreness and not discomfort from over worked muscles. To help eleveate some of this soreness always apply cold compress on your lowerback after each workout(neverapply heat!!!), this will speed recuporation. Group your good mormings on days with other such back work as bent rows, pulldowns and back hyper extensions. Try to keep them seperate from you heavy pulling days. If chronic soreness develops, always apply cold (never heat!!!!!) and discontinue for a few weeks.

Give good mornings a solid effort and you will be suprised how they can help your deadlift and other powerlifts. Good training!

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