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Program to build Raw Deadlifting Strength & Power
By: Cage
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Power Deadlifting

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Regular deadlifting is for regular people, if you want to get your deads moving up you better be Power Deadlifting

Last updated on October 08, 2019

Today when I look through the magazines at news racks in the major stores all I see are article on every single lift but the one that measures pure raw strength. You can't for the most part cheat with extra denim, kevlar, elastic, or a rocket up your ass. Its so funny to me to watch someone bench 900+ then only pull 650, this amounts to bullshit in my opinion. Powerlifting today is littered with these guys. Most saying I hurt my back and can't deadlift heavy anymore. Thats the same guy that running around all summer long jet skiing, dirt bike riding, and just plain BS'ing. Hey don't get me wrong there are nothing wrong with any of these thing, but don't make pussy ass excuses when it comes to pulling. If you haven't figured it out by now I am talking about the second most avoid exercise after squats, DEADLIFTS.

Proper Deadlift Execution:

There are two styles of deadlifting, conventional and sumo. For bodybuilding purposes, the conventional method will suit your needs more as it utilizes much more back involvement (what we are after). The deadlift will create a thickness in the upper and lower back that you cannot duplicate. The sumo version allows for the use of the hips more and the lats less, which in turn will generate more pulling power, so they say. Seen both styles take world records so in my opinion it just goes with what fits you. Since most people use the conventional style will be concentrating on it use and technique.

With a shoulder width stance, and your toes pointed slightly outward. Keep the bar close to your shins. Squat down keeping your ass down, and arms locked. Grip the bar where the knurling on the bar starts. The wider you stand, the wider you must grip it and the further you then must pull the weight, this obviously requires more work and will decrease your leverages. So instead use a closer stance, hence a closer grip and therefore cut down on the distance of the bar and utilize bigger weights.

Use an over under grip (most use strong hand over). To initiate the movement make sure firstly that your back is flat and not rounded, head slightly up. PUSH YOUR FEET THROUGH THE FLOOR. That is what you should think about, pushing your feet through the floor. Initiate the pull with your legs, not your arms. Do not jerk the weight. Keeping the back flat, keep pushing the feet through the floor, keeping your head up.

Keep the bar in close to your body-it should drag up your shins and remain in contact with your body throughout the movement. Once it passes the knees, throw your head back and thrust your hips out, then lock your knees. Congrats. You have done one rep of the king of the mass builders. On every rep, ensure you let the bar rest completely and DO NOT BOUNCE THE WEIGHT. Also, one word on straps: If you can get away without using them, do so. If your grip is weak, the only way to overcome it is to train it, and nothing trains the grip better than heavy deads.

Assistance Exercise:

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Dumbbell Rows: These are executed in power style with body supported by leaning on a bench to support your upper body at a 40°-45° angle. With your arm fully extended forcefully pull the dumbbell into your hip not your chest. Your motion should almost be like if you were cutting wood with a hand saw. Use plenty of weight to restrict your repetitions to 8-10. This exercise is for muscle thickness in the lats to help finish that lockout at the top of the deadlift movement.

High Pulls: Highpulls are not something most people see everyday but are excellent for building a massive shoulder girdle. Highpulls will cap your delts, thicken the trap all the way up to your ears, provide explosive pulling power from a standing position. With a bare bar the ground in front of you get your self a wider grip than shoulder width. With the bar at your waist in one motion with a slight squat until it reach half way between you waist and knees pull it to you chin level keeping your it traveling about 8-10 inches in front of your body. Your elbows and hands should be even at the top of the movement and form what should look like an “L” shape. Your traps should be squeezed, side delts popping out and the muscles of your neck flexed. You are going to have to practice this movement until you can get it right. Once you have it down add weight on to the bar in slow increments(don't worry the weight will soon start to add up). This bad boy will add awesome power to the starting power you will have deadlifting.

Power Shrugs: Shrugs in general are a very good exercise but they are done so crappy by just about everyone you see doing them that it becomes just a tragic comedy to sit and watch them being performed. That why I started doing what I call power shrugs about 3 years ago. For these you need a rack that is bolted to the ground and has all of it safety pins. Oh'yeah make sure the pins are of the heavy duty variety because some say they are and bend like a piece of licorice with placed under stress. Set the rack up as if you were going to due regular shrugs. Position the second pair of pins at the lowest hole provided on your rack. due two warmup set of about 8-10 reps. Now load the bar with your max weight. This is wear the fun begins! You are going to due 6 very explosive reps with a pause of 3 seconds at the pins to kill all momentum. Each and every rep will begin from a dead stop. You will pull each rep a if your life is in danger, trying to force your shoulder through the roof at all time using as little cheat as possible. This shit along with DB rows makes locking out at the top of heavy deadlifts a fucking breeze.

Hypers: Hyper extension are the forgotten exercise in most trainers arsenal. Hyper regular and reverse both strengthen the hip flexors, glutes, erectors and have dramatically improve some's pulling power. When doing the standard version of hypers be very careful and don't jerk your self up but use a steady and smooth movement focusing of a good stretch with a hard contraction at the top. When doing reverse hyper use the same focus as the regular version. If you don't have access to a reverse hyper machine just turn around on the regular version and position your self so your hips are over the edge and your navel is resting on the pad. You should be able to get extension of you hips. For resistance just position a dumbbell between you legs at the back of the calves right below the knee joint. Hypers both regular and reverse help tremendously with forcing the hips forward as you pull through the deadlift.

Pull it all Together:

Now let look at the routine. You should know that you're not going to be performing all these exercise each workout because your a powerlifters not a bodybuilder. I use 2 assistance exercise with heavy deads in one workout, 3 assistance exercises with speed deads(light weight, reps for time) in another workout. I do have a 3rd workout that has no deadlifts that concentrates only on the lats with front pulldowns, DB rows and High Pulls.

Workout #1:

Workout #2:

Workout #3: (Power Bodybuilding Workout)

That it! They are not some mind bender workouts. Its straight forward, hard as hell and result producing. Remember to eat big to get big. So get off your ass and start training!

Till next time grow strong, grow hard!

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