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Old School Deadlifting Routine, Vol. 1 Old School Deadlifting Routine, Vol. 1
Training the Deadlift w/o Deadllfting!
By: Sgt. Rock
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Old School Deadlifting Routine, Vol. 1!

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Old school article on deadlifting, with all the tips you'll need to succeed. Volume 1!

Last updated on October 08, 2019

There is a virtual cornucopia of bench routines in all powerlifting mags and websites out there, and nearly as many on the squat. My email is overflowing everyday with people wanting more focus on the deadlift. Now more than ever, with huge advances in squatting and benching gear, the deadlift is getting much less glory and occupying far fewer headlines. It seems the all time lists for the pull rarely are altered and the bench and squat are ever changing.

This will not be a deadlifting routine that you will need a calculator to figure out, with some wacky ass circus-max two a day routine, or triple choked mini half bands with 20 feet of chain, or fancy and expensive equipment. This is all about the old school and what works. It's not candy coated or fancy. It doesn't require any special equipment. It does, however, require 100 percent commitment and dedication.

Imagine an article that was titled, “Increase your bench without benching” or “Increase your squat without squatting”. It's not going to happen so why should the DL be any different? The DL icons of the past, Gant, Anello, Inzer, Kuc, Kenady, Coan, Thomas, the Finns, all without exception pulled heavy and often. So if you want to get rid of that DL sticking point, you're not going to just be able to add a layer to your suit to fix the problem--you must get mentally focused to go to battle, and start pulling.

In another article, I covered the stiff leg DL intensely, and we are not throwing it out, even now. That routine will get you ready to peak, if you haven't had the chance to read it I suggest you do, in the meantime here is an abbreviated quick off season blast to get you ready to peak for a new personal record:

All stiff legs done off a 3 inch box, no belt, no straps, in sweatpants, add a belt at week 3.


The last week should be at or near 70 percent of your best DL. After week 5, take one week off from pulling. Assistance work will be as follows: raw bent rows off the box for 3x7, chins 2x7 and front lat pulls 2x7. Also DB shrugs 2x20 and weighted ab work, and to finish it off, Russian (aka regular) hypers for 3x10 with weight.

If you are not going to a 3 lift show, ease off on the squat. When you do squat, do it raw (belt only) and much lighter (3x5 is sufficient)… Your pull will thank you. If you are doing all 3 lifts you must listen to your body even more closely. If you want to bust your deadlift personal record, then that must be your priority. I won't elaborate anymore on this; you must decide what is most important.

So often the DL takes a back seat. You can see it at contests--guys pushing their squat and bench and running out of gas or losing that fire when it comes to the DL. I have heard all the excuses believe me. I love it when I see guys like Andy Bolton and Garry Frank taking it to a whole new level when the bar gets on the floor, the same goes for Eddy Coan and Steve Goggins. It's like they get a huge second wind… That motivates me to an extreme. The meet truly does not start til the bar hits the floor.

Now we are ready to peak. Some things you're going to need--a tight fitting DL suit if applicable (I prefer the Inzer Max DL and have recently switched to the newest DL suit from Inzer and will NEVER go back) and groove briefs made of hardcore material. I also love the Erector shirt as well, also of hardcore material. A max width belt, prong or lever, wrestling type shoes… And then we are ready to rock and roll. If you pull in a singlet that is fine. I do suggest, however, that you experiment with tight gear and use it to your advantage as gains of 50-75 lbs can be obtained with practice and proper fitting gear. I'll cover more in Volume 2, coming soon…

Volume 2 Click Here!


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