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Old School Deadlifting Routine, Vol. 2 Old School Deadlifting Routine, Vol. 2!
Tips & Tricks to get the Bar OFF the floor!
By: Sgt. Rock
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Old School Deadlifting Routine, Vol. 2!

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“I love it when I see guys like Andy Bolton and Garry Frank taking it to a whole new level when the bar gets on the floor,......”

Last updated on October 13, 2019

Deadlift training is very similar to the other main lifts, where form and speed are paramount. The DL is not a “just bend over and yank like heck” lift. No, it is so much more than that from a technical standpoint. Without elaborating too much, keep the bar in tight and head straight ahead, accelerate and don't yank with the arms. Throw the hips through and head back after the bar gets to the knees. The more speed you generate from the bottom the better the lockout will be. Often times a missed lockout is the result of bad bar position, or lack of bar speed.

The body will adapt to multiple reps, and heavy training, even in the deadlift as my great friend Tony Caprari taught me. All time greats like Caprari and John Inzer go against the new “lazy mindset” as I call it and pull heavy and often, going less than 7 days between pulling sessions frequently (I myself have done this with great results, but it took lots of warrior attitude). Tony told me to give it a shot and said the body will adapt, which went against my current way of thinking. I reluctantly tried it and he was very right.

I pulled heavy every week for over a month with great results. When I first started DLing as a teenager, I would do several top sets for reps. Once I eclipsed the 500 barrier (I was a skinny 148 lber once believe it or not), I cut it back to one top set most of the time and kept this approach for several years. I then decided to bring back the old school mentality, and started doing multiple sets of reps, beginning with the SLDL, and it has really helped me bust through my sticking point.

Make sure you're getting enough protein and sleep, and supplement as needed. A good whey protein, creatine and Animal Pak work great with a heavy cycle like this. Pull heavy and remember Sgt. Rock's Old School DL rules:

1. Never miss a rep in the gym. Ever.
2. Straps are for sissies.
3. Stiff legged DLs are the key to deadlift success.
4. Learn to use a tight suit.
5. Keep the bar in close and head straight.
6. To deadlift big on the day of the competition, you have to deadlift heavy in your training.
7. Experiment with the hook grip.

Here is the routine. Remember to do a stiff leg cycle to prep yourself for this, regardless if you pull sumo or conventional. Ensure your goal is reasonable--this is most important. If not, the percentages will be unrealistic and you will run yourself into the ground. I am not a big fan of percentages, but it is not humanly possible to write out individual programs for everyone, so this template will work and has done so for many, if you don't stray away from the percentages.

Stiffs are done off a 3 inch box with a belt. Good mornings are done in the power rack, bend so the body is almost parallel, use big weights on these. Carry the bar high on the neck. I set pins in the power rack as a guide to how far to bend, and for the safety factor. Bent rows are done raw off the box, followed by front lat pulls or cable rows for 2x7. Next come chins for 2x7 with weight if possible, then db shrugs 2x20 and weighted ab work. First 3 weeks belt only, wear sweat pants. If you are doing a DL only show, you will need around 10 weeks. For a 3 lift contest you will need approximately 11 weeks to get ready.

Now here is where we need to adjust… If your doing a 3 lift show work up to your last DL warmup 10 days out from the show, and 7 days after your 92.5% double, if you are doing a DL only show, pull your 92.5% double 10 or 11 days out and go to the show (hope I didn't confuse anyone here).

You are now ready to destroy the weight and own the platform. You have pulled several weeks of 3 top sets, readying you for 3 solid attempts at the show. The only barriers are the ones you create yourself. I choose to have none. Semper Fi.

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