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Hyaluronic Acid
Joint Oil!

Hyaluronic Acid
Joint Oil!
Hyaluronic Acid

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid (chemical Name: Hyaluronan) is a substance that is naturally present in the human body. It can be found in the highest concentrations in fluids in the eyes and joints. The hyaluronic acid that is used as medicine is extracted from rooster combs or made by bacteria in the laboratory.

The FDA has approved the use of hyaluronic acid during certain eye surgeries including cataract removal, corneal transplantation, and repair of a detached retina and other eye injuries. It is injected into the eye during the procedure to help replace natural fluids.

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid:

  • A natural component of joints and connective tissue
  • Helps lubricate joints
  • Cushions joints for comfortable movement

Who needs it and what are some symptoms of deficiency?

All persons with joint pain or stiffness may benefit from hyaluronic acid. Bodybuilders, powerlifters, Weightlifters and other athletes who's joint are under constant pressure may benefit greatly from hyaluronic acid. Those suffering from chronic knee, elbow or other joint pains.

How much should be taken? Are there side effects?

When using hyaluronic acid look for supplements that provide you with 50-150mg per serving. Alway follow the manufactures recommendations.

Prescription or injection forms of hyaluronic acid are safe for most people. There's not enough information about hyaluronic acid to know if it is totally safe when taken by mouth. Sometimes hyaluronic acid can cause pain and redness where it is injected. Increased pressure in the eye may occur after hyaluronic acid is used for eye surgery. Rarely, hyaluronic acid may cause allergic reactions.

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