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“The important ingredients are the milk, Whey protein, and bananas. The honey gives quick energy.”

Last updated on October 08, 2019

Optimum 100% Natural Whey

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI).

This drink should be mixed in large quantities and stored in refrigerator and kept cool. Shake or stir well before use. Drink no less than three large glasses per day, either with meals or between meals. It should not take the place of other foods or meals, but should only be supplemental.

The materials can be mixed in either a mixer or a blender but the latter is preferable as it does a much better job.

In addition to the above you may, if you wish, add some vanilla extract for flavoring (1 tsp). We also suggest you add 2 large tablespoons of peanut-butter if taken before bedtime to slow digestion, or 1 tablespoon of creatine if taken right after training.

The important ingredients are the milk, Whey protein, and bananas. The honey gives quick energy. In addition to the above drink we would also ask that the exerciser drink as much milk as possible-either whole or powdered. He should also include in his regular meals, ample meat, especially beef, chicken, fish, liver, heart, etc. Also cheese of all kinds, eggs, and lots of fruit and vegetables. To gain weight (muscular bodyweight) it is imperative that the food intake be greatly increased, both in calories and proteins. It is also important that heavy barbell training be used at least three times per week and ample rest and sleep obtained.

This drink or program should only be taken by perfectly healthy people, in vigorous training, as it is a heavy program.

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