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William Bonac - 2022 IFBB Boston Pro Champion

2022 IFBB Boston Pro Contest Report

As we said in the intro this was a good contest even with the reduced line-up! William Bonac did just enough to win this contest. He looked sharp through out the entire show and didn't fade as he did on;y a week earlier at the Arnold classic. But he was pushed very hard by a much improved 2nd place Justin Rodriguez who seems to get better each of the past 3 years. He is no longer thin up top but wide and full. His back is much improved. All that is missing is a touch of father time. Only father time can add the graininess he's gonna need to start & keep winning show like this one. Rounding out the top 5 were a equally condition trio of Steve Kuclo in 3rd, Samson Dauda 4th, with Maxx Charles 5th. All looked very good. The Pro season looks like it is gonna be a good one!

Good Luck to All & Train or don't Train at ALL!!!

Live Strong and Train Hard….


Final Pacing

2022 IFBB Boston Pro Open Bodybuilding Final Placings Scorecard

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