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Egg Protein
The Purest Protein Source From Nature!

Egg Protein
The Purest Protein Source From Nature!
Egg Protein

What is Egg Protein?

This is a whole egg we're talking about. If you were to take only the egg-white it would have a BV of 91. Eggs are versatile sources of very useful protein. As far as uses go, this may be even better than milk protein. You can eat fried eggs in the morning with breakfast, eat hardboiled eggs throughout the day (like fruit, all you do is peel them and eat them) and its liquid in a raw form so you can mix it in plenty of things. I'm not a big fan of consuming extreme amounts of eggs like some people because they fill you up and after the umpteenth hardboiled egg anyone feels like barfing. Though I think you are a fool if you throw away all your yolks (they contain more protein, B-vitamins and trace minerals) it wouldn't be prudent to eat twelve a day. The yolks have a very taxing effect on your liver. Extremely toxic. So out of precaution, limit your egg yolks to three a day and take a couple of weeks break once in a while. But eggs should make up at least a percentage of your weekly protein intake.

Whole egg (*per 100 g):

  • 12 g protein
  • 12.5 g fat
  • 57 mg calcium
  • 2.5 mg iron
  • 0.330 mg vitamin A
  • 0.1 mg vitamin B1
  • 0.36 mg vitamin B2
  • 0.07 mg nicotinic acid
  • 0.0045 mg vitamin D
  • 470 mg cholesterol

Egg white (*per 100 g):

  • 11 g protein:
    • ovomucin
    • ovalbumin
    • ovomucoid
    • ovoglobulin
    • conalbumin
  • 87.8 g water

Egg yolk (*per 100 g):

  • 17 g protein
  • 31 g fat
  • 130 mg calcium
  • 6 mg iron
  • 1 mg vitamin A
  • 0.32 mg vitamin B1
  • 0.36 mg vitamin B2
  • 0.02 mg nicotinic acid
  • 0.0125 mg vitamin D
  • 1.8 g cholesterol

Eggs are not the most protein dense food: about 12% of the egg is protein while salmon is 27% protein! However, this criterion for nutritional value is not necessarily the best one. For growing animals, only 9 amino acids are considered indispensable. Thus, a food would be considered ideal if it provided these 9 amino acids. The "chemical score" describes this criterion. To calculate the chemical score, you determine the quantities of each of the 9 indispensable amino acids. You then compare the amount of the limiting amino acid (the amino acid of lowest quantity) to the amount in a reference food. The percentage would be the chemical score. As it turns out, the egg is considered nutritionally complete and is the food to which all other foods are compared! It contains all 9 of the indispensable amino acids and has a chemical score of 100.

As an example, salmon (remember, it is more protein dense than eggs) has a chemical score of 71. That means that the amino acid (of the 9) that it has the least of, lets say it's tryptophan, is 71% of the amount of tryptophan found in eggs. For more details, see the first source listed above.

Egg Protein has been used by athletes around the world who are looking for a great quality protein. Before other products were created, bodybuilders were forced to drink egg whites, which can be unsafe, or cook dozens of eggs at a time. Now, great Egg Protein products have fixed these problems and made it easier than ever to take in as much egg protein as you want. Build quality muscle with delious high quality egg protein products from


Egg Protein Products



"DID You Know"
Egg yolks and whole eggs store significant amounts of protein and choline, and using only egg white will severely short change your nutrition!

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