Stop Overtraining and Start Growing

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Stop Overtraining and Start Growing
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A complete 14 week cycle to avoid overtraining for the Natural Bodybuilder!

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Avoiding overtraining is one of the hardest things for an over-enthusiastic bodybuilder to do. Most probably start off 6 days a week but eventually cut it back to 3 or 4. Then they probably start off with 20 sets per body part and cut that back to 6-12. But they still overtrain. How? Well I would say 80-90% of you reading this overtrain. Yes even you mob who do a limited number of sets 2-3 days a week and those who hit each body part so rarely you verge on undertraining.

Overtraining is more than just the reps, sets and sessions that you go through. Its an accumulative process that takes weeks to build up to. Avoiding overtraining also involves taking weeks off all together, and doing so on a regular basis. A lot of bodybuilders will train for 4 to 5 months at a time. They probably have training cycles of 8-12 weeks but don't take a week off between them. No wonder so many people complain they cannot get big.

When and Why to have time off

As a natural bodybuilder you should never train for more than 12 weeks straight, 6-8 is an even better cycle. So every 8-12 weeks you really need to take a week off or just give up on your quest for size. Also if your are a believer in training to failure every workout you probably should have a week off every 6-7 weeks where you do no training at all. So people say longer but if your working a job training hardcore and doing so 5-6 times a week this stress is adding up quickly and need to be broken before it breaks you! 6 weeks of hardcore training and a week off keeps your body in and anabolic state without taxing the CNS as more training will do. The cycle works use it!

A 14 week cycle of a hardcore natural trainer should look like this:

We have always been I big believer of taking time off from training when needed. We have all seen trainers than are in the gym constantly for hours at a time day and night. All this and training 5 to 6 days a week and workings a regular 9-5 job. What happen to this person? Just about every single time he will first start to experience the run down effect of exhaustion. This person may possible catch a cold and be forced out of the gym to his own benefit. What always happens when you see them again, they say they are feeling great, yeah its because their body hard time to heal and recover from the torture it was being put through. This exactly why we recommend that natural hardcore bodybuilders take a week off from training every 7th week. No you're not going to loose strength or size. Stick with your eating and you'll be surprised as to how much size you gain from this schedule.

Remember taking systematic weeks off will ensure that you do your best to avoid overtraining.

Train Smart Train Hard......

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Train Smart & Train Hard!

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