Blue Collar Eating Vol 2

Hardcore Meal Plan – Second Course!

Blue Collar Eating Vol 2
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Total Nutrition the Animal Pak way around Your Daily Schedule…

“OK, don't get me wrong… I consider myself far from lazy, but it makes my life a whole lot smoother when I can eat foods that are easy to prepare, do you hear me?”

Blue Collar Eating p2.....

I had an overwhelmingly positive response to my previous “Blue Collar Eating” diet article. I am humbled, and surprised that so many of you share the lifestyle of blue collar work and shift work, just like many of us Animals. I am going to lay out a different blue collar plan for all you shift workers.

The reason I'm writing this second part is to recap a few points made in my previous article and to emphasize a few new ones. Plus I discovered a few new recipes/supplement tricks to make my busy life a whole lot easier. I am setting up my plan for a minimum of 250 grams of protein--adjust as needed. You should try to get one gram per pound of bodyweight daily, minimum. Keep in mind you can only absorb around 30-35 grams per meal. Granted some of my meals are over that but a bit of "shotgunning" is not a bad thing… The body will get what it needs.


Let's talk about supplements first. This is one of the keys to success for a shift worker. Here is a list of what you need:

Animal Pak

Animal Pak - It's a staple. It all starts here. Every single Animal takes these. We all differ as to the other supplements we take slightly, but ALL of us take the Animal Pak. Use one every day and two per day on your real heavy training cycles. It gives you what you need in a simple packet or “pack”. I take mine first thing in the morning; it is part of my routine. Without the proper vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, you won't get premium results, regardless of how hard you train.

Whey Protein

I just started taking Universal Nutritions Ultra Iso Whey. I was looking for a high quality protein source that mixes easily with a spoon in water, tastes great, and is affordable. Not asking for too much am I? I found my answer in Ultra Iso Whey. I tried the Lemonade flavor and was BLOWN AWAY. Delivers as promised--mixes with a spoon in water, no sticking to the sides of the glass, no gassy feeling after, and tastes like lemonade. I use two scoops in 16 oz of water. You can bring the can to work, and all you need is water, spoon, and a glass. Man, too easy…

Post-Workout Drink

Let's call this the "Animal Shake". It all started at the most recent Arnold Classic in The Cage. The guys busted out a case of Animal Nitro G, and we basically drank it up in no time. This stuff tastes like Kool Aid and mixes very easily as well. Take this directly after your workout, before your post workout protein shake. It gives you what your body needs, essential aminos (including BCAAs), and some fast acting carbs. My pal Mazz lectured to a large audience on diet at The Cage, saying how the body will absorb some carbs post workout like a sponge. After this, I take Universal LAVA.

Post-Workout Shake

I like LAVA. It's got a one to one ratio of protein and carbs along with creatine and glutamine. I mix my LAVA with skim milk. The taste is superb and it mixes easy. Creatine and glutamine are rapidly absorbed.

Animal Nitro

Animal Nitro is like Nitro G except without the carbs. It comes in easy to swallow capsules in a packet. I use 2-3 per day, spread out--instant source of key essential aminos when you don't have time to take a break.


OK, don't get me wrong… I consider myself far from lazy, but it makes my life a whole lot smoother when I can eat foods that are easy to prepare, do you hear me? So, with that in mind, here is a fabulous diet that I've used-it's easy to follow and inexpensive. Plus, it tastes good. And most importantly, it works.

Morning Wakeup

One Animal Pak with 12 oz. of orange juice. This gets me rolling every morning. I follow this up with two scoops of Ultra Iso Whey Lemonade in water.

Meal #1, Drive To Work

One English muffin, with one fried egg (fried in Pam) and one piece of American cheese (fat-free). I sometimes I add jelly to the mix. On my drive to work I eat the muffin and enjoy a cup of coffee as well.

Meal #2, 8:00am

The night before, I either hard boil 4 eggs, or get up a bit early and scramble four eggs. I have this with one cup of quick one-minute oatmeal which I also made the night before and two slices of whole wheat toast with preserves or jelly. I then consume one pack of Animal Nitro.

Meal #3, 10:00am

Now I don't often get another break until noon. If I get a 10:00am break, I will have yogurt, a bagel, and one scoop of Ultra Iso Whey. I make up for this later though.

Meal #4, 12:00pm

Two chicken breasts with BBQ sauce, cooked on the trusty Foreman Grill (so easy to prepare). Also, the night before, I cook a whole bag of brown rice (cooks in 5 minutes). I divide it into 3 servings, and have one of them here. I also throw some veggies in here as well--usually frozen peas or a mixture. This meal also includes one diet soda, any low-cal type desert, yogurt with berries or a real low-fat sponge cake.

Meal #5, 3:00pm

Same as Meal #2, plus I include a pack of Animal Nitro.

Meal #6, 7:00pm

Supper: Steak or lean hamburger, 1 or 2 servings of rice and fresh ground black pepper. I fry the steak in Pam, and use heavy spices, usually Montreal rub. I throw in some more diet pop or Crystal Light here, and a salad with fat-free dressing or veggies. At 7:30pm, I'll work out.

Meal #7, 9:00pm

Post workout nutrition. Animal Nitro G drink followed 15 minutes later with LAVA.

Meal #8, 10:00pm

My last meal of the day. I usually have some whole grain cereal here (Cheerios etc., with skim). Along with plenty of water. I also take a pack of Animal Nitro and one scoop of Ultra Iso Whey. My alternate meal here consists of one small can tuna on whole wheat with fat free Miracle whip, a small serving of Wheat Thins or rice plus one scoop of Ultra Iso Whey.

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