AnimalPak: Rebound Into Growth

Putting on Quality Size After a Show!

AnimalPak: Rebound Into Growth

Putting on Quality Size After a Show!
AnimalPak: Rebound Into Growth
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A godd look at rebound eating right after contest & dieting for weeks on end!

Rebound Growth

Time to grow... After dieting my ass away for weeks and months on end, my body is screaming for some much needed good old bulk food. I believe the first few weeks after a contest diet, my body is just like a sponge and I need to train hard and eat food that my body has not had in a while. Some people tell me I am fucking crazy after dieting down to a shredded low body fat percentage, and then wanting to add mass being fat or muscle. For me I have to add some fat to gain muscle, this is just the way my body works.

After finishing up my long rough journey on restricted carbs and low calories, I feel I need to take advantage of the "rebound" effect. After a long rugged diet, my body is in starvation mode and needs to be nourished. My rebound lasts for about two weeks after a diet. In these two weeks I do have my best strength and weight gains.

Rebound Week One:
Dieting during this week is to die for... I eat all the food that I had cravings for while I was on my diet. While eating all the fucking high calorie food I have the potential to gain up to thirty pounds of weight. Most of this weight is from water and retention of carbs that my body is getting loaded with.

Some of my favorite mouth watering cravings that I will pound down during this week include protein pecan pancakes topped off with peanut butter and honey, chicken covered in ranch dressing over pasta with cheese, and of course my all time favorites, any pizza, pie or cake I can get my fucking hands on.

Training during this week is very intense but light, because I am not used to the heavy weight yet, and I try to use up all my extra glycogen that I am eating. What I do is very simple--I chose two exercises per day per body part and do sets for twenty minutes each exercise. For example on back day I would do dead lifts and chins. Dead lifts for twenty and chins for twenty only resting between sets for no longer than one minute trying to keep my reps around eight to twelve. My pumps during this week are through the roof.

Rebound Week Two:
By this time my body is swelled up and ready for this week of heavy training and a step toward my offseason growth. This week I try to get my body ready for the massive amounts of food that I will be taking in during the offseason. My goal during “bulk phase” is to eat three solid meals and three shakes each day.

Starting out, I try to get 40-60 grams of protein and 60-70 carbs per each meal. For my solid meals I get my protein from eggs, chicken or beef and my carbs from white rice, oats or potatoes. For my shakes I use Real Gains and Ultra Iso Whey with oats and some peanut butter to top it off. Training in week two is heavy. I get 12-15 sets on big body parts and 9-12 sets on small body parts. Also, my reps are anywhere from 6-8 with heavy weight and some muscle tearing forced reps or negatives.

Week Three and Beyond:
Around week three, my body levels out and the rebound tends to taper down each week. As the rebound falls off, I still try and shock my body by throwing in some kick ass cheat days on my diet, and changing my workouts week to week. Remember if you eat like the normal guy and train like the normal guy you will be a normal guy. So eat and train like an animal to be an animal.

My Offseason Meal & Supplement Plan

I've included a typical meal plus my complete supplement program right here:


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