What to look for in a good Weight Gainer

More than just another Protein Shake!

What to look for in a good Weight Gainer

More than just another Protein Shake!
What to look for in a good Weight Gainer
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All weight gainers are not created equal, some sport more calories, others put in everything including the kitchen sink. So, what are the qualifications of a good gainer. We know others have written about this subject before but I bet most of them writings those articles weren't try to squat 800 raw or bench over 550 raw either. There are NO games here at MuscleSports.net, this is the real truth on what should be inside your gainer, some of the contents may surprise you. Maybe not!!


Yeah carbohydrates are first, they beat protein but a slight margin for good reason. Carbohydrates or sugars are very important to any one looking for a good weight gainer. Your gainer should have a full spectrum of carbs, ranging from simple to complex. Don't get caught up in this BS floating around we offer this blah blah blah kind of carbohydrate and how it provides sustained energy over 8-hrs and nothing on the market is quite like it. This is why when you take some of these products you fell sluggish and don't want to move around much. It because they don't supply you with a full array of carbohydrate. With simple and complex sugars inside your shakes you start quick and last throughout the entire day.


This is a subject in which there is so much information on that its mind boggling. Ask some one what protein is the best for muscle growth and the first thing they yell is “Whey Protein”. In a technical sense their neither right nor wrong. Whey protein is a fast digestion protein source which quickly assimilates to reach your muscles and nourishes them will amino acids. The problem here is the whey protein by its self is not sufficient enough to cover the healing process after your workout and pack on those extra pound that your looking for. It takes a combination whey, micellar and egg proteins to give your a complete spectrum of proteins sufficient enough whey taken three times a day to allow recovery, growth, and reduced stress. Most don't realize that when you protein intake is low and your training hard this increases the stress on the body as well as the mind. Both of these symptoms will defeat you purpose, which is to pack on serious mass.

Fats (Essential Fatty Acids)

One of the best things happening today is the inclusion of EFA's into allot of weight gainers on the market. There are still some old one that are excellent that just need 2-tbls EFA (We love the use of Organic Flax Oil) oil in each shake and they are right up there with the best of the best. Fats are quite essential to the weight gainer because it helps it act more like a high density meal than a run of the mill protein shake. With fat in the mix digestion is slowed allowing for a more sustained release of nutrient into the body. I know what you thinking this sound like a MRP, but mrp's don't make good weight gainer for a reason we will discuss in a few.


Vitamins and minerals inside of your weight gainer should be self explanatory. You know they with the help of protein (amino acids) help regulate every function with in the human body. With that said the vitamin content doesn't have to be that of a MRP (one difference). You should see maybe some Calcium, Iron, Potassium, and a few vitamins such as C, and B. It shouldn't and doesn't have to be a full blow spectrum, that what MRP's are for. Weight gainers are a targeted nutritional product and not a meal replacement.


Last but not least is creatine. Just good old plain Creatine Monohydrate. Creatine Monohydrate has been somewhat taking a bashing today with all these hybrids running around. Let set the fact straight. Creatine came into play in the weight training field because of all the little chicken only eaters out there who couldn't get as strong as those eating red meat in their diets. Don't get us wrong we love 100% micronized creatine monohydrate over all others. Now about the gainers. Some of the newer ones include a little creatine inside of their powders but most amounts are way short of what's needed. If you are over 250lbs and the mix say 5 grams you may need to add 5 more grams due to digestion. Most of those under 250lbs really don't need to change the formula. With some of the old gainers just add the amount of creatine accordingly.


Calories are the last and essential part of all good weight gainers. Calories are what separate weight gainers from MRP's. A good weight gainer should supply you with 1500 to 2500 extra calories a day spread out over 3 to 4 daily shakes. If your taking 3 shakes daily that between 500-833 calories per shake. Doing 4 shakes daily would require between 375-625 calories per shake. Find which works best into your schedule, because your still require to eat at least 4-5 meals a day also! Hey we know packing on Herculean size is no easy task, but having a plan makes it much easier.


Thats it! There's no NO Boosters, or Exotic Ingredient that suppose to make you sprout 20" arms and bench press 1000-lbs in 30 days. Choosing or making the right gainer is just a matter of working with tried and true ingredients and busting your ass in and out of the gym. That means living your cleanest life and training hard. We list our choices for new and old gainers - Here. With some the old gainers just add a little EFA's a couple tablespoons and a teaspoon of Creatine and you'll be just fine.

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