Bedrock Nutrition: Importance of Whole Foods

Balanced diet of nutritious whole foods is essential to an athletic life!

Bedrock Nutrition: Importance of Whole Foods

Balanced diet of nutritious whole foods is essential to an athletic life!
Bedrock Nutrition: Importance of Whole Foods
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Good Clean Food is the most Anabolic Substance on Earth!

Grocery basket of nutritious natural foods!

We thought that we would write on a basic topic that we feel is was very important, but not a lot of people concern themselves about, this topic affects bodybuilders and fitness fanatics everyday. The topic is the Bedrock Nutrition: Importance of Whole Foods and the benifits they have over the processed foods(...and yes they take presidence over supplements) we see everday.

Ever hear somebody tell you that you need to "eat clean?" Ask some people what it means to eat clean and sit back and listen to the answers and you'll be shaking your head. What the think clean eating is are breads, oat meal, muffins, cottage cheese etc. WHAT THEY SHOULD BE TELLING YOU is that eating clean is eating stuff like whole-grain bread, old-fashion flavorless oatmeal, 100% fruit preservatives, muffin's made with fruit and gains w/ no added sugar, deli sliced fresh lunch meats, grilled skinless boneless chicken breasts, etc. Your average person may not see the difference between the two, but by the end of this short little article he/she will know the difference. Health conscious people in this country no the difference and they are healthier for it. Other examples of whole foods are fresh milk, meats, poultry, fish, fruits, and vegetables. Below is a list of the benefits of whole foods.

Whole Food Benefits:

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As you can see, the benefits from whole foods are a lot greater than processed foods. Eating whole foods set up a foundation of health for all your bodybuilding nutritional needs to feed off of. With better health you enjoy quicker recovery from workout to workout. You have more energy. Rest more fully at night. Plus better health make your supplements work all the more better for you. We're not advocating that you throw out all you stuff in the pantry, but be aware that the farther a food get from its natural state the less healthy that food is for you and your bodybuilding goals.

We hope you have learned a little something from this quick article and will either change the way you eat, or continue to eat the way you do, if you are already eating a majority of whole foods. Thanks for reading this article.

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