Powerlifting Q&A #01: Lockout Power

Finish Your Biggest Bench Presses!

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Powerlifting Q&A #01: Lockout Power
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Powerlifting Q&A #01: Lockout Power!

Question: What can I do to help me complete my bench presses. I get to the top but stale and have tried all kinds of tip and trick such as chains bands and the like but I just can't get that tricep lockout strength. What do you think?

Answer: What you need is mass in the long head of your triceps. Three of the best exercises for doing this are Close Grip Benches, Dips, and Cross Body Db Extensions(They work right at the elbows end for lock out power). I see from your tricep routine most of your exercise are for show, so forget the cable stuff and get back tmoving iron. You will only strengthen that long head with hardcore basics. Here is a supplement routine that has worked for all who have tried it. Do it twice a week for the next 6-12 weeks and tell us how its going.

The Exercises:

Close Grip Benches: After a sufficient warm-up and stretching period is done (essential for minimizing injuries), we're going to start with some close grip bench presses. Grasp the bar about 12 inches apart; it may help to have someone help you on the lift off since it's an awkward lift. Lower the bar to just below your pecs, elbows in, and then press straight up… and none of that "J" movement crap like Coach Iwanna B. Strong taught you in high school. You gotta keep your forearms 90 degrees to the floor. (Do these directly after you bench press session NOT ON SUPPLEMENT DAY. 4 SET 8-10 REPS 50% OF MAX POUNDAGE - ie Max Bench 400Lbs. you use 200Lbs)

Dips: Hop up on the dipping bars. Keeping your elbows up lower your upper body until your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Keep your torso as staight up as possible to keep the emphasis on the triceps. Do as many you can without hitting the mirror in front of you with puke. Jump over to the DB extensions and burn out some high reps with these. Take a breather, and repeat again

Cross Body DB Extensions: Now your saying what the hell are these? Its easy to get the hang of. Lye down on a flat exercise bench with a dumbbell. Raise the dumbbell up to arms length. It should be directly over your shoulder. Now turn your hand so your knuckles are facing your head. In this position lower the dumbbell so it crosses over your body and touches your other shoulder. Using just your arm strength press the dumbbell out to arms length. Don't cheat! As you start to go heavier use your off hand to secure yourself to the bench.

There you have it. Do 3-4 set of at least 8 reps and no more than 10.

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