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Melatonin Melatonin
The Sleep Antioxidant!

"DID You Know"
Melatonin is for those who occasionally may need nature's helping hand to get their rest, and for travelers to better control their sleep cycle. Importantly, melatonin restores the natural hormonal and metabolic balance in the body for overall health!


What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a super antioxidant which can help with sleep disorders, and also have a psychological benefit. Studies have shown that it can exhibit positive effects on a person's mood, while a lack of melatonin corresponds to anxiety, fatigue, and hostility. It is secreted by the pineal gland after your body senses the fall of darkness at the end of each day, and keeps your body synchronized with the rhythms of day and night.

Where does Melatonin come from?

Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland, which is a pea-sized gland at the base of the brain. Even though the exact functions of melatonin are still understudy, it is involved in the synchronization of hormone secretion. This natural daily cycle of hormone release in the body is commonly referred to as circadian rhythm. The human body is under the influence of an internal clock, which controls the secretion of various hormones at different times of the day for the body to function properly. The secretion of melatonin is triggered by the dark and is suppressed by natural daylight, therefore controlling periods of sleepiness and wakefulness.

However, melatonin is more than a "sleeping pill". It can also strengthen the immune system. It works in concert with vitamin B6 and zinc, for instance, to reverse the decline of the immune system that comes with advancing age. In addition, melatonin has strong antioxidant activity and, as such, it supports the hormonal and metabolic networks in the body. These networks undergo additional changes due to intense physical exercise, mental and emotional stress, or even poor nutrition. Some evidence suggests that melatonin may, in fact, lighten and enhance one's mood considerably. Melatonin is also reported to have a role in improving women's health problems, such as osteoporosis and pre-menstrual syndrome.

Who needs it and what are some symptoms of deficiency?

As we age, melatonin levels decline, so supplementation is necessary to provide optimal levels of this important hormone. Scientists believe this reduction is the reason why older adults have more trouble sleeping than younger people. NOW Melatonin is a synthetic dietary supplement. Natural Melatonin is normally derived from animal pineal tissue, but concerns have arisen over the survival of unwanted microbes during the manufacturing process. Most of todays manufactures only offer the safe, synthetic form of this nutrient.

Melatonin Highlights:

  • Produce Restful Sleep
  • Reduces Restlessness, Nervousness, Irritation Due To Loss Of Sleep
  • Helps Put Human Body Is Under The Influence Of Its Internal Clock
  • Strengthen The Immune System
  • Lightens And Enhance One's Mood

How much should be taken? Are there side effects?

Alway follow manufactures guide line when take supplement unless stated otherwise by your health care practitioner!

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