Tips to Building Biceps Peak Tips to Building Biceps Peak
5 Great tips to building up your biceps peak!
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Tips to Building Biceps Peak

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Every single bodybuilder in the world has one initial goal when they start lifting weight, that goal is to build big arms, more importantly big peaked biceps. Every bodybuilder wasn't born with the arms of say Ronnie Coleman but by training with the right exercises you can bring out the maximum degree of bicep peak God intended for you to have.

Here are the best exercises for bringing out the biceps peak for those who are training in a well equipped gym.

Here is a good sample routine for the Intermediate to Experienced bodybuilder to use during the offseason to help build bicep peak.

*Pyramid weights and reps on all movements marked with an asterisk.

Conclusion - You may not have been born with peaked biceps but with the right kind of workouts and exercise groupings you can develop the peak of your biceps. Train hard and train smart - Later!

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Train Hard & Train Smart!

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