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5 Best Cost Effective Supplements for Bodybuilding
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Did you know? You'll lose more weight by combining strength training with a low carb diet and cardiovascular exercise than with diet and cardio exercise alone. Weight training will speed up your metabolism.
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Bare Bones Supplementation

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The 5 best cost effective supplements for bodybuilding when your wallet is a little dry!

With all of the economic BS going on around the world today getting the most from your supplements for the hardcore trainer is job one. We get emails just about every day asking how much should I be spending each month on supplements to get to my goals. Well they all say something like that. First of all “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOUR GOALS”. Not a mind reader! Where was I, yes on a budget. The point is they all want to know how can they cut their budget and still get bigger and stronger. First and foremost you have to be taking care of your nutritional requirements or all of this is just bullshit. The boss here has a saying that “There are no Nutritional Panaceas”, so if your not eating right and training to your limit don't expect to see what you haven't worked for. Simply put - What you put in is What you get out! So if your nutritional house is in order here is my #1 dependable budget stack that works and won't break the bank.

Stack is designed for 30 days at a time:

The Stack

Protein Shakes to be taken after training and 1 scoop twice a day on off training days. ZMK to be taken 5 days a week M-F right before bedtime. Green Magnitude before each and every workout. Use 2-3 amino acid tablet along with your daily meals 3 time a day. You should be consuming at least 4-5 meals a day and your calories should never drop below your desired intake by more than 10% during the 3 month or 12 week cycle. This stack has none of the bells and whistles, but it works very well and produces quality mass with minimal excess weight added.

Train Hard or Don't Train At ALL!
Stacker Out........

Thank You...

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