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Why Junk Food? Why Junk Food?
When to indulge and when to say NO!
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Why Junk Food?

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When eating dirty is actually a good thing.

The phrase “Junk Food” can be a relative term. When you're trying to get in shape for bodybuilding competition having a piece of cherry pie would be considered Junk Food. This is very easily corrected with a little restraint and judgement. This means simply don't eat to much and don't eat junk.

Junk Food is a relative term that's been used by most people to mean any food that is not produced by nature. At MuscleSports,net we consider Junk Food to be those foods that doesn't meet your nutritional purposes at the time. Having a slice of pizza when your not in full contest mode is not that bad of a thing, doing so 2 weeks out from a contest ain't a good idea. So as you see the term Junk Food is a very fluid one depending on the time and situation.

For the competitive bodybuilder the term Junk Food can be anything that is highly processed so that the nutritional value of said food has been completely destroyed, or it can just be so over loaded with simple sugar or fat it rendered useless.

The best way to look at this is to eat as clean as possible when ever possible and only have small portions of so call Junk Foods on a limited basis. Thinking about it this way will save your sanity as well as your gains.

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