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The 3 P's: Bench, Squat, Deadlift The 3 P's: Bench, Squat, Deadlift
Basic Powerlifting
By: Duce
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The 3 P's: Bench, Squat, Deadlift!

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A look at the three powerlifting movements and how improving them can effect more than your total!

This article is about three very basic things, bench pressing, squatting, and deadlifting. Here we call these the your 3 P's. Just like the 3 R's (reading , writing, and arithmetic) the 3 P's are very essential in all aspects of your physical training, and go beyond the platform in your goals of physical achievement. Perfecting the 3 P's mean attaining a level of total body conditioning that is very rare in this day in age of specialization. We will keep the article short and sweet!



Squats: - Squats are the single most important exercise that you can do. I don't say this just because we're talking powerlifting but from the fact that good routine squatting benefits the entire body and stresses the CNS (central nervous system) in a positive way that greatly improves your general physical well being greatly over any other exercise. With this in mind most powerlifters should emphasize squats at least twice weekly. The workout should be brutal and to the point. No reps above 6 should ever be performed when your power training. Your power is generated and built with rep in the range of 2-6, not 7-10. This is for mass training, which has its time and place.

Bench Press: - Bench pressing like squats are major muscle movers fro the upper body. The bench press has been getting some bad press as of late by some because of its inherent danger to the shoulder, mainly the rotator cuff, but done correctly it is the squat of the upper body. When I say done correctly I mean none of the excessive arching that is performed today. None of the exotic bench shirts cut to take advantage of this technique or to add 100's of pound to what may be just an ordinary bench press. No we're talking flat back slight arch feet on the floor real power. This style develops the shoulder, triceps and pecs with more mass and power than any other pressing movement. One of the best strategies for this is to use max weight for controlled period of time and reps. Your timed benches will be done for explosive power off the chest with 65-75% of max weight for 3 reps timed out at 5 seconds. these get rough so concentration is key. The reps part is an old powerlifting stand by that works, but most have forgotten, it the 5 sets of 5 reps. This little gem almost always works for any and all who use it.

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Deadlift: Deadlifting is probably the lest glamorous of all the power lifts but is only second to the squat in over all body conditioning. Deadlift effect all the same muscle groups as the squat with more emphasis of the forearms, hands and arms. Deadlifts like squats are a hard work and big reward exercise. Unlike squats though good hard deadlifting can only be done once a week. I have seen routines where guys are deadlifting 2 time a week and saying that they are putting in maximum effort. Either they have some of the best gear around or they are lying their ass off. If you are squatting hard, and benching hard twice a week your CNS with not let you deadlift to you maximum more than once a week. Its not a matter of doing the workout but of recover and growth. Hey I've tried it and it seems to work but after of weeks your immune system goes down and generals health starts to become weaker. This is your CNS telling you that this is to much for your system. Stick to once a week and just max out, and get rid of the high reps of 8+. Deadlifts are a low rep exercise period, it doesn't matter if your are a powerlifter or not!

That it! This is not rocket science it power training. You don't get power messing around with reps higher than 6. So get off your ass and start doing this crap right from the get go.

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