10 Ways To Increase Training Intensity

Push Past Your Bodybuilding Limits!

10 Ways To Increase Training Intensity

Push Past Your Bodybuilding Limits!
10 Ways To Increase Training Intensity
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Consistent High Intensity Builds Muscle Mass!

Not gonna go into a whole diatribe about training except to say this, if you're not training with 110% intensity every time you go into the gym then forget about being an elite anything. The intensity at which you train will determine at what level your development sit at. Below listed are 10 tried and true intensity techniques to take you to the next level if you so desire. Lets get going!

Top 10 Way to Increase Your Training Intensity:

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1. Do More

The fastest and quickest way to increase your training intensity is to do more. More sets, more reps, do more. Doing more increases the workload or total volume of your workouts which inturn increases the intensity of your training. Just doing more is not enough if the more is not done at high effort. So keep the weight high as you add a set, rep or two.

2. Negative Emphasis

When you hear these so called experts online talk about eccentric concentric, they're talking about lowering and raising the weight. What you want to do is lower the weight in a controlled manner for a certain number of seconds. Controlling the negative portion of the movement allows you to recruit more muscle fibers to the party. Your weight will be lower in the beginning but your intensity has doubled just from the act of emphasizing the negative portion of the movement.

3. Use the Force

Forced reps, when done right are literally forcing your body to squeeze out additional reps with the assistance of a spotter. The point here is simple: YOU should be the one doing the FORCING, not your spotter. The spotter should only help you complete the final rep or two of a set with as little effort as possible.

4. Extended Sets

Extended set or drop sets are one of the way most pros push their set past failure without a great risk of injury. Injury is lessened because the weight are going down and muscles are being taxed more than joints. As you reach a point of failure on a particular set, you just drop the weight on the bar or dumbbells, and continue doing reps. Extended sets allow you to get at muscle fibers you may have missed during the regular set or even with forced reps. Extended sets are a advanced intensity method of overload and should be used sparingly.

5. Super Sets

Just like extended sets but here you will be switching to another exercise upon failure to target another area of the muscle being trained. Super sets are usually just 2 exercise done back to back. They can be done for the same muscles or an antagonistic muscle. For example allot of bodybuilders like to super set arms hitting on tricep exercise then going directly in a bicep movement upon failure on triceps. Super sets allow you work larger muscle groups in less time while doing more reps. That by definition is greater intensity. Super sets are a advanced intensity method of overload and should be used 2-3 time a month at most unless prepping for a contest.

6. Cheating is allowed

Now I am going to talk about cheating to increase intensity. If your cheating up rep from the start doing more cheating at the end isn't doing you any good at all. In order for the cheat principle to have any good effect on your training these reps must be done after your have completely exhausted all strict controlled reps. Plus cheating should be minimized so that the target muscle is still the focus of the movement. So your barbell curls should not look like half cleans, but barbell curls with a little assistance to initiate the movement.

7. Partial Reps

Heavy ass partial reps will drive your CNS to another zone. Doing 8 reps in the half squat with 900Lbs. will jump start and one leg growth. Not saying that you need to go these extremes but when done correctly partial reps can turn up the intensity like nothing else. Unlike extended set heavy partials need to be done with extreme caution because you are exceeding what is done for full reps. Used correctly now and then you will see added size and strength.

8. Increase/Decrease Reps

One of the constants in weight training is variety. Don’t let your body stagnate by doing the same exercises in the same order with the same number of reps. For instance, if you traditionally use higher reps, try using lower reps. This isn't to say lower reps are better, only that change is good.

9. Change Exercises

Don't become routine! Switch up your exercises to help increase intensity. Doing the same exercise will cause your training to become stagnant and halt progress. If you regularly do Back Squats, do Front Squat. Substitute exercises that are similar to those your doing now. This change help you stay more connected to your workouts and prevent plateaus. Always keep you body guessing as to what your going to do it pays off.

10. Routine Specialization

Specialize on a specific weak or lagging bodypart. Specialization training is a way to spur new growth into a body part that is lagging. If your forearms progress is falling behind your arms, add some new forearm exercises, additional sets or other intensity methods to bring your forearms up to par with your arms.

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