Advanced 4-Way Split Bodybuilding Workout

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Advanced 4-Way Split Bodybuilding Workout
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Workouts lasting to long? Need to get a complete workout quicker? Feeling like a prisoner in your own gym, try the Advanced 4-Way Split Workout routine.

A Complete Workout Only Quicker....

Are your workouts lasting too long? Do you need to get complete workouts quicker? As an advanced bodybuilder, you need the advantage of several exercises per muscle group. You want to work each area at every angle, activating as many muscle fibers as possible. Suddenly, you’re swamped. Your workouts last hours. You don’t want to eliminate exercises, but you feel like a prisoner in your own gym.

You began bodybuilding on a three-day routine, working the whole body daily with one or two exercises per muscle group. Next, you graduated to a four or five day, split routine. You added exercises, but shortened the routine by doing half of it one day and the other half the next.

As you progressed and learned more exercises, you split the routine in thirds, doing each area twice a week, training six days. Now, even this program has gotten too long. It is time for the next step, the “4-Way Split Routine”.

Divide your routine in fourths, alternating upper and lower body, so your entire body is worked over a four day period. With a rest on the fifth day, each muscle has a 96 hour recovery period. This allows you to do many exercises with maximum effort and not over-train. Before contests, you can eliminate the rest day. This still allows 72 hours for recovery, while burning more calories on a daily basis.

The system has been utilized by greats of the past for fantastic gains. The shorter workouts enable you to apply for more intensity to each set. Several top pros use this method to be able to include the many different movements available in today’s super gyms. The following is a four-way split routine that will add new dimensions to your training. Remember, this is advanced training for experienced bodybuilders.

First Day

Chest - Shoulders -Traps

Second Day

Thighs - Abdomlnals

Third Day

Upper Back - Biceps - Triceps

Fourth Day

Calves - Thigh Biceps -Lower Back

This is no easy routine when followed to the letter. Day 3 will tax you to the max, push through and you will be rewarded at cycles end. All we have to say is good training because the routine is solid! Keeps your calories high with plenty quality protein, clean fats, natural unprocessed carbs and you will grow like a weed!

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