BedRock Bodybuilding: Shoulders

Building Big Wide Shoulders for the Beginner!

BedRock Bodybuilding: Shoulders

Building Big Wide Shoulders for the Beginner!
BedRock Bodybuilding: Shoulders
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BedRock Bodybuilding: Total Beginning Bodybuilding Size & Strength Plan…

“The old adage that shoulder make the MAN is as much true today as anytime in history. Building a sound shoulder structure helps in every aspect of our daily and training lives.”
Big-N-Bad Vodoo Daddy

Your shoulders can never be to WIDE!

Building great shoulders can be done with just a simple routine and allot of blood sweat and tears. Now you own body structure will determine just how wide you can get. Those born with a narrower than normal clavicle bone will just have to work a little bit harder then some others but the exercises are the same, and so to will be the effort.

Since you are just starting out you can forget about all the fancy smancy crap you have seen in the magazine we are here to build a strong and stable foundation that will last through chest back and leg workouts to come that could sink a battleship. Strong deltoids and trapezius muscle help support your upper body when doing exercises for just about every other bodypart.

A Quick Anatomy Lesson:

Delt Anatomy Chart
Front Deltiod  Front Delt: Rasies upper arm to the front and over head. Movements - Military press, Front Barbell Presses.
Front Deltiod  Side Delt: Raises upper arm to the side. Movement - Upright Rows.
Front Deltiod  Rear Delt: Raise or pulls upper arm towards the back. Movements - Upright Rows, Barbell Rows, Dumbbell Rows.
Front Deltiod  Trapezius: Pulls the shoulder girdle upward and also backwards. Movement - Barbell Shrugs, Dumbbell Shrugs, Upright Rows.

BedRock Bodybuilding:

3 Days a Week Training Split
Beginning Bodybuilding Shoulder Workouts
Workout #1
Exercises Sets Reps
Front Barbell Presses (can be done seated) 2 Sets 10 Reps
Upright Rows 2 Sets 10 Reps
Workout #2
Exercises Sets Reps
Standing Military Presses 2 Sets 10 Reps
Barbell Shrugs 2 Sets 10 Reps

Routine Notes:

Warm up on a stationary bike for 5 minutes before each training session. The routines shown above will familiarize you with some solid muscle building exercises. Strict adherence to this routine can result in significant gains in size and strength in a relatively short amount of time.

This is your beginning shoulder workouts. They should be performed in alternating fashion three time a week on the following schedule:

In future article we wil show you how to put this workout with others to create your complete traing circuit for all three full body workouts.

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