BedRock Bodybuilding: Beginning Bodybuilding

Beginner Bodybuilders Routine!

BedRock Bodybuilding: Beginning Bodybuilding

Beginner Bodybuilders Routine!
BedRock Bodybuilding: Beginning Bodybuilding
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3 Day Split Routineā€¦

Not your everyday workout split!

"The foundation you lay at the beginning of your bodybuilding training will follow you for you lifetime of training, so how you begin will determine your end..."

Go to any gym in the country and you will see many beginning bodybuilders over training with the same exotic routine they read about in their favorite mag. Most go through years of wasted effort with only minimal results to show for their efforts.

BedRock Bodybuilding: Beginning Bodybuilding

We receive many emails asking us about building certain bodyparts or other advanced techniques only to find out after a couple of emails that the person asking only been training about 3 or 4 months and only wants to build his arms so he can roll-up his sleeves to impress the ladies. Hey! Don't get us wrong there is nothing wrong with that, but bigger arms with toothpick legs and calves just looks funny and most girls like the total package.

Below we have out line a routine that every beginning/novice bodybuilder should use to get back in shape or begin training. The routine is simple and allows for plenty of recovery time as you body needs time(years) to build up its powers of recovery. Use this routine to push past plateaus even after you advance to a more intermediate level of training.

CYCLE: 3 Days Per Week

LEVEL: Novice To Intermediate

GOAL: Introduction To Bodybuilding






Weekly Schedule

Monday: ON | Tuesday: OFF | Wednesday: ON | Thursday: OFF | Friday: ON | Saturday: OFF | Sunday: OFF

Notes: Warm up on a stationary bike for five minutes before each training session. This routine should familiarize you with some solid exercises. Strict adherence to this routine can result in significant gains in size and strength in a relatively short amount of time. This entire routine, including cardio, should take about 60 minutes. Emphasize smooth movements and proper form. The amount of weight used should only be of secondary concern.

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