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Hardcore Deltoid Training
Hardcore Deltoid Training

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Bodybuilding: Hardcore Deltoid Training

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“When building hardcore deltoid mass you cannot neglect any part of your delts. This is hardcore shit to the max! Lets go no rest for the Insane You can Sleep When you're Dead….”

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What's up hard asses! This is just another hardcore training article from the most hardcore tarining website on the net - You already know what I mean if you have bothered looking around the net for good reading material. Enough BS let's just get down dirty and do it. Do you want big delts? Do you want delts so big that your find it hard walking through doorways? Do you want to add the perfectly capped shoulders, the big round delts to your already flawless physique? All these should be the case if you have listened and followed what you have been reading here. You will learn not to neglect any part of your shoulder complex on your way to carving your delts into a masterpiece. Can you handle the real shit? Let's see….

First on the list are standing Push Presses! This is the main mass exercise for your shoulders since it works all three heads and takes the most energy to perform. Don't be a pussy and load the weight on. Before we get anywhere near our first set you should be fully warmed up by performing 2 very high rep light sets of Presses, Laterals, and shrugs. Rest for about 2-3 minutes to let the blood flow and then get going. Perform reps of 10-8-6-4-4 going as heavy as possible. By the time you this, your shoulders should start getting the pump that you have been waiting for. This is when you need to stop. No more is needed. All those gym rats who decide to do 18-20 sets for delts are not getting the same benefit from their workout as you would just doing 12 measly sets. Who fuckin cares about them? They're the ones that are in the gym everyday and who never progress and wonder what they are doing wrong. Don't even get me started on those guys.

Your second move will be a standing dumbbell side lateral. Take the dumbbells, keeping your arms slightly bent and do one warm-up set of 15 reps. Now it's time for the real deal, do four working sets of 12-10-10-8. Keep it heavy, but not too much weight that you can't perform the exercise without fucking it up. I'm not talking super strict but you do need to keep it kind of under controlled. Slight cheating at the end of a set is not uncommon. Don't take a long rest in between sets. Shoulders are a body part that are secondarily worked on when training just about every other body part, so a shit load lot of sets are not needed for growth or development. You wanna be as wide as a house? Well this is how you start. Stop fuckin around and get busy.

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Third we will move on to a rear delt movement, preferably a stnding bent over lateral raises. Keep it simple and don't go fuckin insane with packing on the poundage. Again, you don't need to do stupid shit and a ton of sets to put size or shape on your shoulders. It is a small muscle that does not require much to get the blood flowing Bend over at the waist to about 75, keeping your elbows parallel to the floor and elbows bent slightly, pull the dumbells back keeping your elbows in line with your shoulders and contract your rear delts. Perform 4 sets of 12-10-10-8. This is all you'll need for your rear delts and if you have read back training articles, your rear delts take enough of a beating doing a rows, which is the movement that all back workouts should revolve around.

At this point you are done training your shoulders directly. Now we are going to train traps. I know you have some that say traps are part of back training, BULLSHIT. Trap complete the shoulder girdle and are more part of the deltiods then back. The only exercise you should be doing for traps is SHRUGS. With shrugs there is no need to do three exercises, because if you have been worjing your back correctly the lower traps have already been properly worked with all the rowing movements you have done. So, no need for those stupid movements such as upright rows, which just kill your rotator cuffs. You want to train hard, but not a stupid hard. Perform 5 sets of 12-12-12-12-12.

Let's see what's going on.....

So there you have it, a complete delt training sessions. It's not hard to comprehend. No bullshit, just old fashioned hard work to answer all of your concerns about how to grow. Remember, you are the only one that can help yourself achieve your goals. Asking for a little help and some sound advice never hurts. If you strive to be part of the world of bodybuilding and want a part of this subculture, then you better train fuckin hard and believe in yourself. Recognize the opportunity presented and take advantage of it. Focus on your goals and your progress and with proper training and dieting, you'll be on your way.

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