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Bodybuilding: Pre-Contest Thigh Supersets Bodybuilding: Pre-Contest Thigh Supersets
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Bodybuilding: Pre-Contest Thigh Supersets

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Super-sets for pre-contest thigh training to get your legs sliced and diced!

Aaron Baker on leg extensions.

Your next contest is a month away and despite countless backbreaking hours at the squat rack, the legs just are not there.

This is an ideal time to superset the quads with movements that will stimulate cuts. At this critical time, bulking movements such as heavy leg presses and squats may be excessive (counter-productive). Chances are you already have achieved your ultimate size for this show, so the task at hand is to carve up.

While contest training a few years back I found that supersets leg extensions with lunges, produced a shocking gym pump on my thighs through out the whole frontal thigh area

This superset is a perfect method of snapping the legs out of the doldrums induced by months of back squatting. We've found 6-8 of these supersets for 8-10 reps (each exercise) is just right.

The leg extension -lunges superset seems to be one of the few movements that— along with diet—will bring out the elusive sartorious, unquestionably the most difficult muscle to develop and display. Of course, the rectus femoris and vastus group also become honed.

Use the same lung expansion principle on the lunges as you would with the breathing squat; this falls into the category of “indirect stimulation” (you’re working legs but your upper body grows with each huge lungful of air). It’s vital to take a long stride and go down completely on the back knee during the lunges.

Because you may not want to squat during this final phase of contest training, you must follow with leg curls (6-10 sets) for biceps femoris and semitendinous development and cuts.

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