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Bodybuilding 101: Simple Abdominals Bodybuilding 101: Simple Abdominals
Build a Slim & Chiseled Midsection!
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Bodybuilding 101: Simple Abdominals!

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Take control of your midsection with these simple routines that produce the results you want!

Bodybuilding 101: Simple Abdominals!

When it comes to bodybuilding having a great midsection is a classic hallmark of a great physique. Many greats of the past and present have ascended the ranks only after getting their midsection troubles under control. During his reign Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler had his problem with his waist size and its lack of separation and depth. Since 2005 though he has concentrated of slimming his waist as much as possible and also adding depth to his abdominals and obliques to make his midsection appear sleek and smaller than it is. This has helped him win 4 Sandow trophies. This is the illusion of bodybuilding, when things are in proportion and equally defined and separated they bring a flow to the body that isn't there when your not in shape.

When working the abdominals we believe you should take an outside in approach to constructing your midsection game plan. By outside in we mean your training should start with the oblique and serratus, then upper abs, and finish with lower abs and hip flexors. In training this way you create a kind of wrap around effect in the abdominal region. You put the 2 most neglected section of ab training at the front and back of your training regimen and the most trained portion in the middle. This way you start strong and finish strong while building a complete abdominal package.


Beginner -

Intermediate -

Advanced -

That it and as you can see there isn't much difference between each training section accept for the amount of sets and a few more exercises. Training your abs should be difficult and you don't need fancy machines to do the job. These 3 routines have shaved 1000's of inches off midsections for year around here and they can get your belly in shape as well. Always remember that producing that six pack requires training, and diet together. You must stick to clean eating habits and avoid as many pitfalls that come with any athletic endeavor.

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