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Why I Train Legs Why I Train Legs
The Physiological Reasoning For Hardcore Bodybuilding!
By: Machine
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Why I Train Legs!

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The mental and physical psychology to train legs the Animal way!

I start to get edgy three days before I train legs. It's like there's a giant clock ticking in my head. It lasts right up until I enter the weight room on reckoning day. That ticking turns into a head-splitting air raid siren, and when that happens all I see are people running for cover as my resentment builds.

I resent the weight, and the fact that it will try to break me. I resent the fuckin' wannabes who try to pass judgment on me because they don't have the balls to face this pain. As I approach the bar, I don't hear their whispers. But every once in a while I can feel the eyes on my back as I lock the bar into my traps. Is it fear? Is it loathing?

Hell, one day a woman and her husband came up to me after a set. I was ten shades of white and covered in sweat. She said, "Why do you do this to yourself?" I said to her, "I hope your not expecting some bullshit poetry class answer to that." After gulping down some air, I finished by saying, "I do it because I was born to and when I load these plates onto this bar something irresistible comes alive in me."

That something is like a million volts running through my veins. All I want to do is destroy the weights, crush my enemies, and break down all limitations. I tell this lady, I don't train to become another athlete. I train to become an Animal. Hardcore to me means being built to last. It also means outlasting all fads, commercial bullshit, politics, competitions, hard times, and what ever else this world throws my way.

In the weight room, I stay in a place called Frenzy. Others call it Madness. I'm mean, nasty, and brutish. It's an all out war and I'm the underdog, and that's where I want to be 'cuz I'm not where I want to be yet. No rest, no vacations, no pat on the back until the world knows I'm here to turn things upside down. I might not win every show, but I will bleed myself dry to dominate every battle I'm in. Every leg day that goes by adds to my strength and development.

I can't tell you how many times I broke blood vessels in my eyes till my eyeballs turned red, passed out, squatted till I puked, tore muscles, tendons, and flesh. I've been battered and beaten but never ever fucking close to being broken. And I will remain unbreakable. This world, this sport , this life can't tear me down because nothing and no one, can hurt me other than myself. This is why I train legs.

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