Abs: Anatomy of the abdominals

Exercises, anatomy and tips for building your abdominal muscles!!

Abs: Anatomy of the abdominals
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Learn the names of each muscle and find out what exercises work best! The smarter you are, the bigger you'll get!

Anatomy Of The Abdominals

Anatomy of your abdominals

Major Muscles That Act On The Abdominals

Rectus abdominis Pubic crest Cartilage of fifth through seventh ribs and xiphoid process Flexion and lateral flexion of trunk
External oblique Anteriolateral borders of lower eight ribs Anterior half of ilium, pubic crest, and anterior fascia Lateral flexion of the trunk
Internal oblique Iliac crest Cartilage of last three to four ribs Lateral flexion of the trunk
Transverse abdominis Iliac crest, lumbar fascia, and cartilages of last six ribs Xiphoid process of sternum, anterior fascia, and pubis Compresses abdomen
Erector spinae Posterior iliac crest and sacrum Angles of ribs, transverse processes of all ribs Extension of trunk

Almost every time I see someone training his or her midsection I see them doing some form of crunches on a machine and then some form of leg raise with legs straight to (I guess) hit the lower abdominal. First most machine crunches no matter how deluxe the machine will hit most of your hip flexor first then you abs. As for leg raises the best way to do these has always and will forever be hanging from a chinning bar or using some form of harness.

A Simple Routine For Exceptional Abs!

First exercise we are going to do is old fashion crunches do the right way. This movement when done correctly is only about 5-6 inches in length. First you going to get your self a exercise mat or use your gym towel, lay it on the floor beside a workout bench so you can position your legs on the bench so your torso is 90-degree from you upper thighs. While lying on the floor cross you arms over you chest, now raise your sternum toward you pelvis as far as you can and return to the start position. That is the whole movement! No hip flexors just your upper abdominal muscles moving your torso.

The second exercise is the hanging leg raise. Find your way to a chinning station and place your hands about a inch or two wider than your shoulders. Use straps if your grip isn't as strong as you need it to be to complete you sets. From a dead hang position raise your leg up as high as you can while keeping them straight out in front of your body. Raise your legs just above parallel and return to a straight position and repeat until you can you can't get above 45 degrees. Do these in a controlled fashion and do not swing. Swinging take all the emphasis off the lower abs directs it to the lower back and hip flexors.

Our final exercise is standing rope crunches. Find your way to a Pulldown station or another high cable selectorized weight stack machine. Get your self a rope handle; you know the one you use for triceps. Start with a moderate weight, with the rope in your hands step back until your torso is at a 45-degree angle to the rope. Keeping your elbows slightly bent and your arms motionless bend over until almost parallel to the floor and elbows at the side of your head. From this position keeping your arms motionless curl your sternum toward you pelvis exhaling as you do so to emphasize your abdominals.

That's the whole routine. It is simple but extremely effective abdominal routine that when done as specified gets the results wanted.

A Simple Ab Routine
Exercise Sets Reps
Crunches 3 Weighted 15-20, Bodyweight 25-30
Hanging Leg Raises 3 Failure
Standing Rope Crunches 3 20

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