Intermediate Chest Workout

No HYPE, just effective chest training for the Intermediate Bodybuilder!

Intermediate Chest Workout
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Beginner and Intermediate training are 2 different levels: Beginning training is to become accustom to hard work and routine, Intermediate training is designed to take that knowledge and start adding more muscle to your over all frame with increase intensity inside and outside the gym.

One of the biggest thingts we see all the time are young bodybuilders using routines and exercises that are not beneficial to their development and mass building efforts. What good is a plate loaded machine press to a young aspiring bodybuilder that hasn't developed the nessary mechanic to control and contract his chest muscles. Its useless!!!! They get enamoured with the Youtube videos of persons pushing 4or 5 plates on these machines, and start to think that it how you build qualitry mass. IT”S NOT!!!

First thing I would channlege is the weight used on these machines. Lets add it up – 5 plates is 225 Lbs. How many of them can do a 225 Lbs dumbbell bench press for 1 rep let alone all those ¾ & ½ reps you just saw. The answer is NONE! So the weights real but not real – Hmmmmm!

Second did your chest actually grow from all those session on the demon machine. Hell you loaded the weight up and cracked out as many reps as you could with your partners help. Remember time under tension – or what ever that bullshit is! The only question we have is did your chest grow? The answer we keep getting back is – NO!

Now we gonna cut all the bullshit – The Pump does NOT signify muscle growth! Also this prepeetual pump BS from the drug lab crew is complete garbage. To have some pump all day long your gonna have to be geared to the fucking gills. If you are and your NOT a professional open class bodybuilder than YOU are wasting your money and health for NOTHING! Social media clicks and likes don't mean shit when the health problems start to creep inafter about 5 years of usage.

Now that I got that off my chest lets talk training. One of the biggest reason most people don't see growth in their chest is because they are either using to much weight and othe muscel groups are taking over before the chest see any kind of activaion. The other is the use of incomplete movements and relying on the squeeze at the top to do all the work. Neither method is gonna produce a productive chest workout. You have to fully stretch the pecs from inside to outside for them to become full and thick all the way across. Choppy movement and sloppy form pushing to heavy a weight is only goning to get you one thing – HURT!

Heavy bench press training session with Arnold & Franco!

Lets Train:

Let talk chest anatomy, we know the chest has 3 region: upper, middle, lower. All you upper ches tmovement will be preformed on a bench inclined a about 35 t 40 degrees. At this angle almost all the stress is put directlyof the upper pectorials. The middle chest will be worked using flat bench or 90 degree supline bench for michine presses. Lower pecs for the intermediate bodybuilder can be hit very throughly with Parrallel Bar dips prefomed with a slight lean forward that shifts allot of emphasis onto the lower pectorials. That is how your workout are set up, using shit that has worked for over 60+ years of modern bodybilding. No gimicks just hard work.


Workout #1:

*Preform all set in a pyramid fashion increasing the weight with each succeeding set while staying in the rep range. Each set should be harder than the last, but not so heavy as to loose exercise form or fall under the desired rep range.

**Preform all sets till exercise failure. Stop when another can not be completed, rest 90 seconds then proceed to you next set until all 3 set are preformed. Always keep a forward lean to your torso as to shift emphasis to the lower and out pecs and away for the triceps.

Exercise: Sets Reps
Flat Barbell Press 4 8-12*
Inckine Dumbbell Press 3 10-12*
Parallel Bar Dips 3 Max*

Workout #2

*Preform all set in a pyramid fashion increasing the weight with each succeeding set while staying in the rep range. Each set should be harder than the last, but not so heavy as to loose exercise form or fall under the desired rep range.

Exercise: Sets Reps
Incline Barbell Press 4 8-12*
Plate Loaded Chest Press 3 10-12*
Standing Cable Flyes 3 12-15*

Conclusion: All set we are talking about here are working sets, not warm ups! Stretch and warmup the body and the muscle your going to exercise before jumping into your working sets. Building you chest is just like building any other body part it is going to take time and hard work. Doing stupid workouts won't build anything over time but injury and heart ache. Stick to sound workout principle and eating practices and your gonna growth. Drug are a short cut but that shit doesn't last and allot of those guys have to take some kind of medication for life after messing with that shit for long periods of time. These are 2 very good routine that have produced insane results over the past 20 years. Do it right – Train Hard or Go Home, PEACE!!!!

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