Is Bodybuilding truly ready for the Olympics?

The journey for Olympic Recognition!

Is Bodybuilding truly ready for the Olympics?

The journey for Olympic Recognition!
Is Bodybuilding truly ready for the Olympics?
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“Bodybuilding in the Olympics? Frank discussion about bodybuilding as an Olympic sport.”

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I have been watching bodybuilding shows for the better part of some twenty+ years now and can honestly say I have seen some pretty strange ass things. I have seen guys throw their trophies in the trash after months of dieting and training because they feel that they deserve better. Seen contest where contestants have just left the stage for what ever reason. These were mostly all amateur contest, but a trend in the professional ranks is starting to make me worry that as a whole we may be stepping backward as a whole.

The first was the 1997 Olympia which was one of the biggest robberies I and every honest patron have seen on the Olympia stage. This was worst than Arnolds thievery back in 1980. The contest wasn't even close, Dorian Yates was beat hands down! He barely won the back shots, and that was only by a slight margin. Nasser Elsonbaty was Mr. Olympia on that night, I don't give a damn what the judges say. Every honest person at that show walk away disappointed. Only the first of many very suspect finishes.

In the preceeding years I have witness some bodybuilding judging that seems somewhat just as skeptical to say the least. The 2001 Arnolds Classic was my next example of should we say fishy judging. Jay Cutler is a very good bodybuilder but nowhere and no how he should have won that show. His structure is not a classical X-frame. I am sorry but this guy has a wide waist and his shoulders aren't terrible wide. Lats are kind of high and upper pecs need to be filled out a lot more. All the photos I have seen of the contest since say the same thing. He should not have won this contest, especially with the score he received.

The next was in the preceeding November at the GNC show(2002). As me and a friend of mine watched the prejudging I told him something doesn't smell right and were going to have some kind controversy here. I couldn't return for the night show, but when I heard who won I knew I was right. I was shocked even more when I found out the scores. Everyone knows who should have won because the pictures don't lie. The winner of this show has as many flaws or more than Jay Cutler. Ever bodybuilder worth his salt knows Ronnie Coleman won that show.

The question I have is why are these people winning, because they are fan favorites. If the sport of bodybuilding wants to be recognized as a true sport the fans can't play any part of a decision the judges make. The GNC show has brought out all the skeptics, not only for the decision but more so for the score. I am sorry but no one on that stage was as complete a bodybuilder other than Ronnie Coleman. Maybe he didn't get the fan applause as the winner did but that should have no bearing on the score, from the cards, it seems to have had a big effect. If the IFBB is looking for recognition as a sport, it still has a lot of growing to do.

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