Build Up Your Bony Calves

A no nonsense approach to build your calves!

Build Up Your Bony Calves
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Learn how to rid yourself of bony calves, read on…

"Bony Claves are a Sympton of Wasted Leg Training Sessions!"


One of the hallmarks of this new generation of bodybuilders is the truly utter lack of calf devolvement among all those that call themselves bodybuilders. I hear the shit all the time about how hard they are to build and mine won't grow no matter how hard I train them. Thats all Bull Shit! Lets end that crap right here and NOW! There are 5 main reasons your calves are not growing and its got nothing to do with genetics.

5 Reason your Calves aren't Growing:

Now that we got that little rant out of the way we're gonna talk about exercise perfomance, exercises, weight, training frequency. Every one of these functions play a big deal in if you grow your calves or you don't. Unlike training any other bodypart calves don't grow with sloppy reps, and just shitty training in general. There are only 3 important rules to training calves. Follow the damn rules.

3 Rules to Calves:

Calf Routines:

Session #1:
Exercise Sets Reps
Seated Calf Raises 4 15-20
Toe Pressess (On 45° Leg Press) 4 15-20
Session #2:
Exercise Sets Reps
Standing Calf Raises 5 12-15
Seated Calf Raises 4 15-20

Conclusion: Calves are the hardest body part to train and grow, Yeah we know that some people are blessed with calves from birth, but that should not be your or anyone's excuse to not train them correctly and consistently. Hard work over time levels the playing field in any sport no matter how genetically gifted you are or not.

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Train Smart & Train Hard!

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