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Do You Enjoy Your Workouts? Do You Enjoy Your Workouts?
Reasons why you may not be enjoying your workouts!
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Do You Enjoy Your Workouts?

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Do You Enjoy Your Workouts? - Reasons why you may not be enjoying your workouts!

Think about it for a minute. Do you really enjoy your workouts, or do you have to force yourself to go to the gym and when you get there do you just go through the motions, never really putting your heart and soul into your workout? If this is not the case with you—you truly enjoy training—read no further. On the other hand, if you do not get as much enjoyment out of your training as you should, read on. I just may have the solution to your problem.

The other day I was listening to a radio show in which the speaker was saying how people today are not happy. He then went on to say that as a youth he spent his summers on his uncle’s farm in Iowa. And everyday when the farmers would go to work in the fields, they would sing. From sun up to sun down, they would sing. These people enjoyed their work; they were truly happy.

That night, and for several days thereafter, I thought about what he had said. How could these farmers who had so little (this scene took place way back in the 1950’s) be so happy, yet people today who have so much are so unhappy. After considerable thought the answers became clear to me. And as I thought I realized that many bodybuilders are unhappy; the joy has gone out of their workouts. But with the knowledge I now had it was easy to see why they were unhappy, and I also knew what had to be done to bring enjoyment back into their workouts.

People today are not content with their lot in life, and the same is true with bodybuilders. Rather than be thankful for what they have, people, Americans in particular, are upset over what they don’t have. Rather than be happy that he has a car in running condition, the typical American is upset because he only has one car and his neighbor has two.

It is the same situation for many bodybuilders. Rather than be thankful that they are healthy enough to workout and enjoy the benefits of exercise, many bodybuilders are upset and even mad that someone else is making more progress than they are.

We must all learn to be grateful that we have the opportunity to train, and learn not to compare ourselves with others. I’m positive that when we learn this our workouts will not only be more enjoyable, they’ll also be more productive.

Another reason for this unhappiness is that we fail to keep things simple. We now live in a complex and confusing world. The simplicity that was a way at life in the fifties has been replaced by a rapidly changing world.

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Now consider your workouts. Chances are they are no longer simple. When you first began to train your enthusiasm was high and you enjoyed every minute of your workouts and I’m sure that your workouts were very simple and basic in nature. As you became more familiar with your workouts and learned more about training you made all kinds of changes in your workout. Your once clean and simple routine had now become a cluttered mess. It’s no small wander that your enthusiasm for your workouts had decreased.

The solution to this is simple. Merely analyze your workouts and eliminate all those fancy and essentially, worthless exercises. Go back to the basics and keep your workouts simple.

The next reason why people fail to enjoy their workouts is actually a combination of two factors, worry and a lack of concentration.

People nowadays worry about everything and the same is true for bodybuilders. Instead of thinking about their workouts, many bodybuilders concern themselves with external matters when they train. Inflation, crime, a sales presentation or the big date tomorrow night are just a few examples of the thoughts that crowd a bodybuilder’s mind when he works out. Many of these thoughts are negative and it’s no wonder that you don’t enjoy your training when your mind is filled with negative thoughts.

When you train you must learn to focus all of your energy on your workouts. Anything that does not directly deal with your training must be pushed aside until after your workout.

Worry is one of the most negative of all emotions. And the sad part is that we worry about matters that we have no control over. Rather than accept things as they are, we worry and get upset over them. Even sadder is that many times the things that we can change, we don’t. We are so caught up in our worry that we fail to realize that we have the power to change the situation, or we are so overwhelmed by our worry that a sense of helplessness prevails.

Finally, we see that many people train for the wrong purpose. When you first began to train, you did so because you liked to and you wanted to improve your appearance, strength and health.

Unfortunately, there are some bodybuilders who no longer train for those reasons. They are now motivated by the quest for fame and fortune. And this, accordingly, has lead to the widespread use of steroids and other drugs. Fortunately, however, these people are in the minority. Even still, we should all ask ourselves why we train, and if our reason is not for self-improvement and satisfaction we should make every effort to channel our motives back to those areas.

We now see that our failure to enjoy our workouts can be solved by four easy steps. We must learn to be thankful for what we have; our workouts must be kept simple; we must learn not to worry; and we must train for personal satisfaction.

Following these guidelines in a specific sense will make your workouts more enjoyable and productive, while applying them in a general sense will male your entire life more enjoyable and satisfying.

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