Motivation: Finding Inspiration

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Motivation: Finding Inspiration
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“Look at people who have things that you want and study how those people became successful.”

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According to, the word inspire means to affect, guide, or arouse by divine influence. Every successful person has been inspired by one thing or another and didn`t become successful with their own beliefs. They were influenced to act in a certain way in achieving their goals that they`ve sat out for. So what factors will cause you to feel the need for inspiration? This article will discuss these factors and explain how being inspired is not only beneficial in bodybuilding, but in everything else you do as well.

The most influential time in a person`s life of becoming inspired is when they`ve hit rock bottom and everything they`ve done or are currently doing is unsuccessful. They learn about other people`s problems and what methods they used to overcome them. Their attitude, determination, and focus inspires the person to believing that he or she can overcome the problem and finally creates a plan in moving forward. If someone believes that there is no way out of a situation, then they are probably not going to solve their problem. It all starts with a positive attitude and the person`s ability to stay positive under all circumstances.

A good example of someone that`s not inspired is a person that cannot control their food habits and have reached the point of obesity. This person cannot overcome their eating problem if they are not inspired to lose weight or go on a diet. It`s the same thing with the 130 pound skinny guy. He gets depressed because he is to skinny and becomes inspired to gain muscle mass after reading Flex. There are other examples, of course, but the point here is that without inspiration, nothing great is possible.

You can also become inspired in anything else you do in life. Whether it be your job, schoolwork, what kind of car you drive, how big your house is, and even quitting smoking. Again, your life may be in a hole, but by envying what others have, you then have the mindset that if a certain person has something great, then why can`t you have something great as well. Even if you don`t currently have something that you really want, it`s still relaxing when you think about having it.

Be careful not to confuse inspiration with jealousy. Jealousy is getting upset over the things another person has, inspiration is admiring the traits of others and doing whatever it takes to become that way. You need to set yourself with a positive mindset. What is it that you want right now? A better car, job, doing better at school. It could be anything. Look at people who have things that you want and study how those people became successful. It`s much easier than trying to walk the path alone.

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