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The Mental Bodybuilder
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“After many years in the sport of bodybuilding, we have concluded that the mind is responsible for all of your rate of progress in the sport!”

The Mental Bodybuilder........After many years in the sport, we have concluded that the mind is responsible for your rate of progress. Eight-time Mr. Olympia winner Lee Haney has always emphasized that successful bodybuilding begins in the mind. So has Arnold Schwarzenegger. I remember one Haney’s favorite saying’s “The mind and the muscle must be linked together one without the other is useless. He has eight Olympia titles, we think he knows from which he preaches.

Concentration is a key to the achievement of stunning bodybuilding progress and is one of the most important factors in the actual physical performance of a workout. It seems that no matter how diligently you apply yourself to the successful completion of the exercise you are doing, your mind will begin to wander to other things, such as academic, financial, and family problems; personality conflicts; and workout scheduling conflicts (due to lack of training time). Relentlessly, other intrusions from the mind interrupt your concentration capacity.

This is natural, but as you continue to push forward in your bid to succeed in bodybuilding, you will eventually reach a point where you will be able to shut out most of these intrusions.

The following seven steps will help you greatly in achieving super shutout concentration.

  1. Always think about your training in a positive manner.
  2. Block out all negative thoughts.
  3. Plan your workouts so that you won’t be interrupted.
  4. Don’t make an excuse to miss a workout.
  5. Don’t let your thoughts wander to other things; make every exercise movement mental as well as physical.
  6. Always be pleasant to others, but make it clear that you are training and nothing must interfere with your workout.
  7. The visual imagery technique: This is a type of focusing on the concentration link between the mind and the muscle.

It is a training secret that all of the top bodybuilding champions use to shock their muscles into new dimensions of growth.


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