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Bodybuilding: Quality Training
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The old Joe Weider Quality Training Principle Revisited

IFBB Legend & Author Rick Wayne

IFBB Legend & Author
Rick Wayne

Bodybuilding: Quality Training was a method of training used by bodybuilders of the 60's, 70's, & even 80's during the last 5-6 weeks before competition to etch in those winning line that spelled victory Many of today's bodybuilders rely to much on pharma to help them bring home the big prizes. Quality Training was another way of upping the intensity of your training to bring home the gold.

Bodybuilding: Quality Training depends largely upon the fourth & fifth way of increasing intensity: reducing your rest time between sets and still performing sets and reps at the same weight as before. Most bodybuilders rest about 2 minutes between sets during a give workout during their off-season training sessions. Resting this long allows your muscles to almost fully recuperate before your next set. This allows you use heavier and heavier weights for each of your sets. This allows for you to build quality muscle mass during your off-season

Now we switch up your training about eight weeks from a competition or major photo shoot and you start to gradually bring down the amount of time between sets from your normal 2 minutes to say a minute and half. For the first 2 weeks, this decreasing amount of time starts to speed up your training sessions. You continue to chip away at the time between set until at 4 weeks out your down to 30 seconds rest between sets. The weights used per set have drop but the quality of your set has increased tremendously. Workouts that were taking you 90 minutes are now done in 45-50 minutes, with weights that are very respectable for the limited amount of rest. This is Bodybuilding: Quality Training!

Conclusion: When done correctly with a sound eating plan your body will take on a look you may have NEVER SEEN BEFORE! An old school method that when combined with new school nutrition works wonders on a willing physique!

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