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Bodybuilding: Shoulders 101 Bodybuilding: Shoulders 101
#1 Shoulder Routine In The World!
By: Big ZZZ
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Bodybuilding: Shoulders 101

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The #1 Hardcore shoulder and trap training routine in the world is examined and explained.

“You will learn not to neglect any part of your shoulder complex on your way to carving your delts into a masterpiece. Can you handle the real shit? Let's seeā€¦.”


Building big round deltoids is no easy task. It takes allot of effort and trail and error coming up with a plan that will work no matter your level of development. This is not a easy workout so if your looking for something to get your shoulder in shape for the summer, GO AWAY! This shoulder workout is an offseason mass and strength builder that produces big full delts and tall thick traps that go down to the middle of your back. So if you think you have the balls, then stop ya bitchin and lets GO!

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Exercise #1 Lets go Around the World.

A forgotten exercise from the past that is the best warmup/transition exercise for delts I have ever used. Its not band stretches or pulls its an exercise. Grab 2 dumbbells of the very light variety, hold them against your thighs palms facing you. Now in a semicircle arc keeping you arms straight, very slightly bent but straight. Raise them out to the side like a side lateral but continue going until your straight over your head, keeping your arm straight lower back to starting position and repeat. We're going to do 3 set of 20-25 reps, oh yeah these tend to burn so don't puss out and quit during the first exercise.

Exercise #2 Side Laterals done right.

We are not going to used this exercise as a warmup because we have already done that, so grab a pair of fairly heavy dumbbells for your first set of 15 reps. Now we are not going for an ultra strict movement but we are strict movement free of any kind of swings a body rocking. Raise the dumbbells to shoulder level keeping your thumb slightly lower then your pinky. This little tweak makes side lateral all the more effective. Thats only the first set cupcake we have 4 more to go before we're done so lets get cracken.

Exercise #3 Moving to the Rear.

Next we move on to the rear delts with Bent over Incline Lateral Raises. These are the best exercise to add thick slabs of meat to your rear delts. Set the bench at about a 30° or 45° angle. Lying face down on the bench with your head extended over the top hold 2 relatively heavy dumbbells activate your rear delt by pulling your elbows toward each other. Don't pull backwards as this will involve more traps. Keep the movement fluid and continuous for 4 set of 8-12 reps with ever increasing weights.

Exercise #4 Stand and Press.

Now we come to presses. These aren't just presses but standing presses. Over the years I have noticed one thing about doing presses, its that when supported they tend to not produce as quickly as when standing. Maybe it the weight bearing feel of the workout but standing presses produce results in overall delt size very quickly and increases the strength of all three heads in the process. We're doing 5 set of 6-12 reps. On those last 2 sets you better belt up and drive using a little legs and hips. Its going to be ruff!

Exercise #5 Shrug your shoulders.

Last on our menu of exercises are seated Dumbbell Shrugs. Yeah SEATED DUMBBELL SHRUGS. We do them seated because we just did overhead press and I have decided to give your lower back a bit of a rest. Thats not it at all, it because doing them seated removes the tendency for most of you to go way to heavy on the movement and end up doing something that looks painful to watch. Grab to good weight dumbbells and sit at the end of a bench with your shoulder and back straight and high and try to touch your shoulders to your ears. This is all trap activation, no rear delt, no back or lats - ALL TRAPS!

Shoulders 101 Workout

This is a workout for the seasoned bodybuilder looking to pack on quality delt size in the downtime. After a consistent 10-12 weeks of all out effort the differences will be very noticeable. Bigger, fuller and rounder deltoids. After all bodybuilding is about size, this program is geared toward just that.

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