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Variable Angle Chest Workouts Variable Angle Chest Workouts
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Variable Angle Chest Workouts

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Most bodybuilders start out training arms and chest with barbell curls and flat bench presses. Though these 2 exercises are great for adding size to beginner arms and chest we are gonna need a little bit more than that to shape a complete chest from all sides. The chest or pectorals consist of 4 regions upper, middle, lower and inner. We know there is a outer portion to your chest but if done correctly various dumbbell flye dipping movements hit this section very very well! So lets get started building our classic championship chest!

The Exercises & Performance:

Upper Chest: The exercise are as follows - Narrow Grip Incline Barbell Presses, Dumbbell Incline Presses, Incline Dumbbell Flyes, and Dumbbel Pullovers. Thee are the exercise we are gonna use to build muscle size onto your upper chest. Notice their are ZERO cable exercise included here because contrary to what you see on the web these days cables will NOT build you maximum muscle size.

Middle to Outer Chest: Your exercises are as follows: Flat Bench Barbell Presses, Flat bench Dumbbell Presses, Flat Bench Flyes. As you can see the exercise selection for the portion of your chest is usually very limited because most people don't have a problem building this portion of their chest. Some do have problems developing the outer portion but that usually is solved by lower the amount of weight use and doing a complete range of motion when performing each exercise.

Lower Chest: Exercises for the lower pectorals are as follows: Decline Barbell Presses, Decline Dumbbell Flyes, and Forward Leaning Dips. As you may notice there are no decline dumbbell presses listed here, the main reason is safety! Decline dumbbell become rather awkward for allot of trainers and have tendency to cause shoulder injuries when trying to position the weight in such and award exercise position. So they are excluded!

Inner Chest: Focusing on the inner chest requires are different kind on exercise, exercises that are not seen everyday like those that follows: Flat bench Single Dumbbell Press, One Arm Dumbbell Crossover Flyes. These 2 exercise hit nothing but inner chest from the top of your pecs to the bottom. Performance is as follows:

Conclusion - Hitting the chest from all different angels is one of the hallmarks of getting complete chest development. There is no one chest exercise that is going to build your chest out to it fullest. Using machine and cables will NOT give your the dense muscle mass that you see on some of the best chest of all time like Schartzenegger, Coleman, and Haney! These guys have some of the Thickest, Widest, chest from top to bottom of any bodybuilder no matter the era. Give these exercise a shot as they are proven to build quality muscle mass.

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