5 Tips for Summer Shape Up

Get Into Shape for a Great Summer!

5 Tips for Summer Shape Up
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Quick Plan to Get Your Ass into Shape for Summer!

5 Tips for Summer Shape Up:

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Forget about Marcos: When we say forget about Marcos, WE MEAN FORGET ABOUT F@CKING MACROS! Hitting target numbers doesn't mean a damn thing if your body is not utilizing the food your eating. We hear all the time from people saying I am eating so much of this or that and I am not making any progress. The basic reason is that hitting macros in protein, carbs and fats is great if your body is sucking up all the nutrients, but for most your are probably wasting as much as 40% of what your eating. Start low in calories with a maintenance amount and gradually add 350-500 to you daily amount over a couple of weeks and see what happens. If you're staying lean than great, but when you reach a point when fat starts to show back off by about 500-700 calories for a couple of weeks. If your daily intake is 4500, now you're at 3750 which will put you at a slight deficit. Now your body is burning fat and preserving muscle.

Eat by the Clock: When we say eat by the clock, we mean just that eat by the clock. Plan your meals out so they are spaced out throughout the day and don't leave you wanting to many snacks just to get you from one meal to the next. Every person is different some people will find eating 4-5 meals perfect for their needs, while others may only 3 large food meals and a couple of shakes. The trick is to start with your biggest meals earlier in the day and finish with smaller ones at the end of the day.

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Always eat Food for Breakfast: I don't believe we need to say this in 2020, but we get allot of emails of diets where someone is starting out the day with a shake, smoothie or something. That's okay if you want to be just another average Joe. If you want to build and maintain a physique that is a cut above the rest you need to eat a first meal that consist of FOOD. Whole food is the most anabolic substance you can put into your body. No good food, no good body, no need to get into shape because you just another average Joe.

Get Rid of The Late Night Carbs: One of the best ways to add unwanted pounds to your physique is late night snacking. Most people and even bodybuilders almost always grab some form of carb loaded sugary crap to chomp down on. You are killing ever bit of hard work you just put in throughout the whole day with this one meal. Our recommendation is that you just don't do it, its that simple.

Proper use of Fat Burners: One of the biggest things we have noticed over the years is that most people use fat burners or supplements that help with fat loss kind of wrong. Their is a presumption that these jacked up pre-workouts being sold are going to help your sculpted your physique into a work of art is simply bullshit. Adding extra caffeine, l-carnitine, cla, green coffee bean, or green tea will help you loose those extra few pounds only all the previous suggestions. Supplements work and work very well when combined with good nutritional habits.

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