411 on Pre & Post Workout Supplements

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411 on Pre & Post Workout Supplements
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Pre & Post Workout Nutrition For Size, Strength, and Porformance....

Bodybuilding supplementation is one seriously hot topic in today's bodybuilding, fitness and strength training world. Two of the biggest things up for debate is the pre and post training nutrition. Everybody wants instant energy for his or her pre workout and monster mass for the post training. This is all BULLSHIT!

Your energy for your workout come from what ever you consumed 24-48 hours prior to training. If you consumed a greasy fat loaded bunch of garbage then don't expect to be hitting no PR's during today's session. As for the consuming a bunch of caffeine loaded, strongly flavored powdered workout explosion, all that crap does is waste your money and increase your heart rate. You get very little focus and allot more scatterbrains jumping from set to set.

Post workout seems to be no better than the pre-workout fiasco we listed above, just only in a reverse direction. Taking 2 or 3 scoops of protein powder with NOCARBS and then chasing that hours later with meals to light in protein because you know we are following our macros and they say we need only this much protein per meal. Complete BULLSHIT!

Just these 2 things are the very reasons most never reach any kind of advanced stage in their training or development naturally, then run over to taking gear in the hopes of beating the system that way. What they soon find out is that even the gear doesn't make up for their get it now attitude towards training and nutrition. Yup it time to call an emergency on this fiasco!

Your 411 on Pre- & Post Workout Supplementation & Nutrient Guides:


First thing follow a good nutritional plan before even thinking about what you're taking for your pre-workout meal or drink. Now you pre-workout should accomplish 2 things supply you with muscle energy to complete and dominate your planned training session. Secondly it should keep you muscle supplied with nutrients through out you training to keep you from becoming catabolic.

Below is one of the pre-workout drinks & intra workout nutrition programs we use allot to get someone off the energy craze and onto the muscle craze when it come to pre-workout drinks:

Intra-Workout Drink & Nutrition

Sounds like allot of stuff but consider that you will get about 5-6 months out of the whole stack with the dextrose lasting you much longer. Mix all ingredients together and consume about 45-30 minutes before training with 7 of the 10 BCAA tablets. Consume the other 3 mid workout or about 45 minutes into training. The tablets are not going to upset your stomach or cause any kind of belching; they're not that big and are easy to swallow with a couple sips of water.

Post Workout:

With post workout your main goal is to get nutrients into your muscel as fast as possible. Notice we said INTO YOUR MUSCLES. We didn't say into your body, because there is a big difference. The best way to do this is to combine a fast digesting protein with a fast digesting high molecular weight carbohydrate along with other essential compounds that accelerate growth and restore glycogen levels above their previous levels. Your goal is to saturate you body with nutrients into every cell. It shouldn't be sitting in your gut as it would if your consuming protein with a basic high glycemic carb source.

Where as when your doing your pre-workout drink your carb source should be fast absorbed with a low molecular weight such as Dextrose, but post workout these carbs will not give you the insulin spike or anabolic spike you desire so the you click on the switch to muscle growth. Amylopectin (Waxy Maize Starch) is a water-soluble polysaccharide and highly branched polymer of a-glucose units that's found in plants. Amylopectin provide you wit the quick digestion you want but also the heavy weight carb punch to trigger a high insulin response to trigger protein synthesis and nutrient uptake.

Second part of your post workout drink is the protein and nutrients. Fast digesting protein source - Whey Isolate. Replenish amino pools - Glutamine. Replenish muscle energy ATP energy stores - Creatine Monohydrate. CNS recovery metabolites - Vitamins C, B, D3, K and A. Joints and Tissue recovery - Flax Seed Oil / Fish Oil. Sounds like a lot of stuff, but its not when combined into you post workout drink. Taken within 15-45 minutes after training.

DON'T TAK ANY THING DIRECTLY AFTER YOUR TRAINING. We say this because you have very little blood in your gut to digest anything and will only produce belches and burps. Bring down you heart rate and allow the body to cool down a little bit then ingest your drink.

Post Workout Drink & Nutrition

Mix all ingredients in a blender bottle or shaker cup and consume with your vitamin capsules. You're not going to find this in a convenient package as most of you want nowadays. If you want something its not fucking hard to get off your ass and do the right things to get you where you want to be. The problem is most of you don't want to work for anything. Well pussywillow your not going to get anything either.

That's the 411 on pre & post workout supplementation as I see it, and the shit has worked for the last 10+ years and will do so for the next 20+!

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