Eat Like a Man

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Eat Like a Man
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You get the itch. It's that time… The occasion to get big and thick. The opportunity to alter our bodies and crush the weights is upon us. But can you take advantage of your chance to get huge? You pour over the magazines and scour the net. You read every last word here on and you even pick the brains of the seasoned vets at your gym. You're searching for that little nugget of info, that insight, that shred of knowledge that will put you over the top and get the gains rolling in again. You think it must be there, in the fine print… That detail that eludes you--that nutrition secret that only the most jacked among us is hip to.

This isn't, however, always the case. In fact, we so often get caught up in the bullshit… Wallowing in the mire of wonder supplements and gimmick exercises. We turn our backs on the shit that made giants out of mere men… The basics that turned the mortals into immortals. The principles followed by Grimek and Reeves, Arnold and Sergio, Yates and Haney.

Ask anybody who has gotten anywhere in this sport… They'll tell ya. Eating is the key. Always has been, always will be. Don't care how hard ya train or what ya take. The difference between the freaks and the flock is the fucking fork. Keep shoveling in the good stuff, day and night for years on end… This is the most arduous of a bodybuilder's undertakings. It is also the most crucial. To Eat Like a Man… This is your mission if you have the nutsack to accept it.

Here are some basic guidelines. Some tips and ideas you can apply to your offseason mass program to ensure that you won't let this growth season pass without adding another “X” to your t-shirt size and another couple of pies to your major lifts. Listen up…

Steak Your Life

It is about as nutrient dense as a food could be… Loaded with protein and anabolic fats, steak will put the pounds on you like no other food. There are a million different cuts of beef in varying price ranges, so eating it daily can be affordable… I've grubbed on it all depending on the size of my knot, from filet mignon to shoulder chuck and it all does the job. Try it once or twice a day for a month and tell me you won't blow the fuck up.

Farm Fresh

Dairy products pack a powerful punch when it comes to both protein and calories. Add milk to all of your protein shakes or gainers, and bump up the calories by using 2% or whole milk on occasion if your metabolism permits. Start everyday with the pure protein of egg whites and throw in a few whole eggs daily… I personally know of one pro who eats 4 whole eggs with every meal when he is trying to put on size. That is no fucking joke. Cottage cheese and yogurt mixed with fruit provide healthy, nutrient dense snack options that can keep you growing between main feedings.

Carbs O' Plenty

When you are trying to get big, the more carbs the better. Emphasize quality and you'll keep your gains solid. Quality in = Quality out. Oatmeal is a must. On top of that try to eat rice, yams or potatoes (even pasta sometimes) with every solid protein meal. Also include several servings of fruit and veggies in your daily regimen… The fiber in produce will keep the plumbing flowing properly and the vitamins and minerals will keep you healthy, bolstering your immunity as flu season looms.

Smash the Window

New jacks get so crazy with the supplements, they let them rule their lives. For example, you hear about taking this product on an empty stomach… What the fuck? A bodybuilder should never have an empty stomach. If you are skipping a meal in order to take some magic potion, you are fucking up. Here is the way I see it. There are four key supplement windows every training day: when you wake up in the morning, before you train, after you train and before you go to bed. Cram all of your pills and powders into these four time periods and you'll be good to go. The rest of the time worry about eating whole food, real food, food you chew.

When it comes to supplements, I'll try anything once and I keep an open mind, but the core always remains the same… Animal Pak, protein powder (which are so basic they aren't even supps in my book), Animal Nitro, creatine, flax oil, liver tabs. Nothing fancy or glamorous, just the basics-the shit that has been working forever.

Meal Multiplicity

Eat much, young warrior and eat often. Every two hours all day long. Be it a shake or a meal. Be it steamed chicken and rice or Mickey D's… By all fucking means eat. Pack your food ahead of time in your cooler everyday and stash some goodies in your ride for when you are in a pinch. Eat while you drive, at school, at work, at the gym… Whatever, just get the food in. Don't waste all of the blood, sweat and pain you are spilling on the gym floor cuz you are too much of a pussy to eat when need be. Catabolism. That is muscle wasting, bro--A frightening fucking thought to any real bodybuilder. Keep eating and you stay anabolic. Stay anabolic and you'll keep growing. So simple to say, so difficult to do.

We'll call that a refresher course. We all need them from time to time. Whether you are a young, hungry lion paying his dues like you and me or even if you're an IFBB pro with 20 years in the game, it is always a good idea to go back to basics and focus on the fundamentals. And there is nothing more fundamental than eating for mass. What works now is what worked for the forefathers of our sport. If you're a bodybuilder, you're supposed to be big. To get big ya gotta eat. So dig the fuck in…

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